Metro Atlantans Remember 9/11

For Whom The Bell Rings LISA GEORGE / WABE ‘It’s Fractured’: Georgia Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan On Healing Republican Party LISA GEORGE / WABE LISA GEORGE / WABE Throughout Georgia – and the nation — this morning, church bells rang, names were read, and most of all, there were moments of silence.WABE was at DeKalb County’s 9/11 ceremony in Tucker.The ceremony’s centerpiece: a sculpture that includes metal from one of the twin towers.“So many of them went down that day,” remembered Mary Jane Shearer is from Tucker. “And going into those burning buildings, you cringed when you saw that. And when the buildings started to come down, it just made you sick. And I just think we need to remember and not forget.”“It really makes you think of the sacrifices those guys made,” said Hans Trotty. He has been a DeKalb County firefighter for 16 years. “You know, it’s part of our job. That could easily be us, you know, any day we go to work. But we do this not for ourselves but for the community.”At this particular ceremony, there were no speeches and no prayers. Instead, community members and the public safety officials who serve them gathered in a simple manner to pledge the American flag, listen to the national anthem and stand quietly together. Legal Advocate Discusses Medical Abuse At Shut Down Georgia ICE Facility LISA GEORGE / WABE Related Stories LISA GEORGE / WABE LISA GEORGE/WABE / WABE LISA GEORGE / WABE 1:12 | Play story Add to My ListIn My List 1234 Share LISA GEORGE/WABE / WABE LISA GEORGE/WABE / WABE read more

Kenzies body shop continues with new firm

first_imgFormer Kenzies Coaches employee Darren Stanford (pictured) has purchased the now-defunct Shepreth operator’s bodyshop to form Darren J Stanford Coachworks and Restorations.Mr Stanford will continue to serve existing customers as well as taking on additional work. The business will operate from the same premises as before. Mr Stanford can be contacted on 07709 254492.Kenzies Coaches closed in August 2019. It has completed several well-known in-house restorations of classic coaches for use in its own fleet.last_img

Survey: 88% of U.S. Social Media Users Are Registered Voters [Infographic]

first_imgTags:#Government#Social Web#web Topix has recognized that there is good money in being a destination for political discussion. To a certain extent, this goes back to election cycle of 2008 when many news organizations that had been operating at a loss or with very thin margins saw a huge boost in users, viewers, readers and advertising dollars because of the election. Politics fuels money to media. It has become one of the standard tenets of the relationship between the two entities over the last 60 years. Topix wants to be the go-to place for local political discourse. The nature of how Topix aggregates local news makes its political discussion forums a perfect place to do that, it is right in the company’s wheelhouse. The more people talk about the local elections online, the better it is for Topix. The Internet, as it is known to do with everything, is starting to calibrate the data around political participation and discussion online. Data feeds the media properties that in turn feed the advertisers which both feed and are fed upon by the political machine. “The question is how and when you reach a number that matters,” said Chris Tolles, CEO of Topix. “It is nice to calibrate this a little and show the results of how online voters are driving the numbers.” In a separate survey done by Digitas, 82% of American adults are social media users. Of that 82%, 88% of social media users are registered voters. There was a specific reason why Newt Gingrinch announced that he was running for president via Twitter. As Tolles said, “these are numbers that matter.”The Digitas survey had 2,361 results from U.S. adults aged 18 and over. The survey said that 86% of social media users own a mobile phone and 88% of those social media mobile phone users are registered voters. Of that slice, social media users with mobile phones aged 18-34, 24% said that it was important to receive information about candidates to their devices. Many people think that candidates themselves should engage more in the online discussions. As Tolles pointed out, incumbents do not feel the need to engage in discussions while those chasing them are more likely to take risks to get ahead. But, there are dangers.“Candidates need to believe they have an opportunity as opposed to a liability or online participation,” Tolles said. “Candidates are deathly afraid of getting sucked into a conversation they cannot control.”Traditional media and political pundits may disregard these types of findings and surveys saying they only show a slice of the overall pie. To a certain extent, that is true. There is still a huge percentage of the voting public that does not actively engage with the Internet yet still influences important demographics. For instance, the eccentric Ron Paul tends to win online polls and elections. He has a follower base that translates well to the Internet. Yet, nobody thinks that Ron Paul is actually going to win a primary, let alone the presidential election. At the same time, the Internet and online conversation cannot be ignored. Groundswell and grassroots support use to start in local churches and coffee shops. Groundswell now starts on the Web.Where do you get your political information? Would you be more likely to vote for a candidate that puts themselves out into the Internet ether and engages at will? Let us know in the comments.Top image and chart: Topix survey. Side bar image: Digital survey and infographic. Facebook is Becoming Less Personal and More Pro… Guide to Performing Bulk Email Verification The Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videos The United States is having an election next week and the political machine is just getting warmed up for what is certain to be a very contentious presidential election year in 2012. Over the last 17 years or so, the Internet has become a major player in how voters gain information and make decisions. Since 2008, social media has proven to be a powerful force for campaigns to get out its message. That was especially prevalent in the 2010 mid-term elections and a roiling point will be reached in 2012. The state and local 2011 elections show how social media and the Internet have reached an inflection point where not only are they driving people towards voting booths, they are influencing how they vote.Multiple surveys have been released recently from companies like Topix and Digitas that show that social media and the Internet has reached a critical point in informing voters and influencing their decisions. Check out the results below. Local news aggregation site Topix released data from a survey today showing how the Internet and online conversations is fueling informed voters. From a survey of 1,008 people, Topix found that 68% of voters use the Internet for their primary source for information on political candidates and issues. Nearly one in four voters (24%) agreed that online conversations drive their vote while 89% felt online information was the most useful for political information. dan rowinski A Comprehensive Guide to a Content Audit Related Posts last_img read more

Pebble Rolls With A Circular Smartwatch

first_imgBuilding a Workplace for the Next 100 Years Why Your Company’s Tech Transformation Starts W… adriana lee Related Posts At this point in the smartwatch market, there is absolutely nothing revolutionary about a round device. Popularized by the first Moto 360—whose circular, modern design made it the most popular Android watch last year—the industry en masse has since rushed to snip the corners off its square watches.Now, so has Pebble, which introduced a new circular design of its own on Wednesday. Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky said his new Pebble Time Round is no late-to-the-party copycat. “We’ve been working on this for over a year,” he told me at a meeting at Twenty Five Lusk, a restaurant in San Francisco’s SoMa district. Pebble Time Round watches have various color and strap options.It has only been three months since Pebble launched its Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel. But that hasn’t stopped this rolling stone from introducing a new version, and a new software development kit for app makers who want to support it. The new product is available for preorders Wednesday, and will ship early next month. (Unlike the first Pebble and the Pebble Time, Pebble is not running a Kickstarter campaign for the Round.)In all, the Pebble Round looks like a decent, well-made unit. But while the device has some noticeable pros, it also comes with a potential con—shorter battery life. The New LandscapePebble faces a very different smartwatch landscape than it did when it first hit the Kickstarter trail in 2012. Now, rivals crowd the space—not least of which is Apple. Even despite the tech giant’s entry into the smartwatch market this year, Pebble still enjoys a leading position in the market, Migicovsky says. To keep its edge, the company must keep its finger on the pulse of its users. (Maybe not literally: Unlike the Apple Watch and some Android models, the newest Pebble still lacks a built-in heart-rate monitor.)And if what its users want are choices, said Migicovsky, his company is only too happy to comply. “The watches that we make go on a variety of different wrists,” he said. “Different sizes, tastes … we have a sporty offering—Pebble and Pebble Time—but on the size front, we didn’t have very many different sizes.”He counted up the number of Pebble variations in front of me, and came to some 21 different versions covering various colors and styles. The company has been working on the new model, designing and developing it alongside its most recent Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel. The devices share many similarities—including a full-color screen and the company’s stock set of four buttons—though there are some very noticeable differences. On the outside, the Pebble Time is thicker, with more heft. The new lightweight Round model is, in fact, the thinnest Pebble yet, at 7.5 millimeters. Pebble’s designers took inspiration from Skagen, the Fossil watch brand whose minimalist watches take cues from Danish contemporary design.While it looks sleek and well-built on the outside, it is what’s inside that could give potential customers pause: Pebble Time Round only works for 2 days before it needs charging. A Power HitTo achieve its desired design, Pebble had to reevaluate some of the internals, and power cells are often the largest and heaviest single components in a given gadget. So the company sacrificed battery life for the sake of design. That’s a tricky scenario, especially for Pebble, which is known for watches with a weeklong battery life. That feature has given it a leg up in the “arm race,” since the competition tends to offer only a day or two. Messing with the formula now could be a rather big gamble. However, Migicovsky aims to make up for it by including another new feature: If people have to charge their watches more often, then they should be able to do it quickly. Enter fast-charging. The cable and magnetic connector haven’t changed—it’s identical to the Pebble Time’s charging hardware—but the Round can last up to a full day after a 15-minute juice-up. “It was an extremely important decision that we made,” he told me. “But when we talked to people, it wasn’t the battery life people loved so much—it was not having a hassle.”That’s particularly important for people who need their Pebbles available all day or night to track activities like steps or sleep.We’ll know soon if they’ll accept faster charging time as an acceptable replacement for long-lasting power. New Kit, New CodeThe Pebble Time Round will run the company’s latest Timeline interface, but app makers will have to adapt their apps for the new round layout. Toward that end, Pebble is also releasing a new software development kit today that lets them support the circular format “with a minor change,” Migicovksy said. The SDK covers both color and black and white screens, so the apps will work on any Pebble. Developers will get a little over a month to prepare before the product hits the market. The company is also bringing the latest software to the original Pebble, though with some omissions due to some physical limitations. For instance, the first watch doesn’t have a microphone, so it won’t be capable of voice notes or replies, like the newer models. Pebble Time Round is available for online preorder starting Wednesday from Best Buy, Target,  and Pebble’s websites, with Amazon coming soon. Orders will ship, and inventory will hit stores, on November 8. What customers will get is a round, stainless-steel smartwatch with a 38.5-millimeter diameter chassis with three color choices: silver, black, and rose gold. The device is splash-resistant and comes with a built­-in microphone, vibration alerts, and cross-platform support for both iPhones and Android smartphones.The Pebble Time Round starts at $250 and will come with two watchband sizes, at 14 mm and 20 mm, with leather or metal quick-release straps. (Metal costs $50 extra.)Photos by Adriana Lee for ReadWrite center_img Why Your eCommerce Business Should Have a Pop-U… Tags:#Arm Race#Eric Migicovsky#Pebble#Pebble OS 3.0#Pebble smartwatch#Pebble Time#Pebble Time Round#smartwatch How to Avoid Being Part of 90% of Failed Companieslast_img read more

High wind causes intermittent outages in Columbia

first_imgWater and Light customers in Columbia have been experiencing intermittent power outages all day Thursday due to the aggressive winds.As of 2:40 p.m., about 175 people were out.According to a tweet by the department, crews are working to restore power.If you have an outage, you must call 573-875-2555 to report, or the department will not know you’re out.last_img

CW Announces Appointment of New CEO Inge Smidts

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#UnitedStates, January 4, 2018 – Miami, FL – Cable & Wireless Communications (C&W) today announced the appointment of Inge Smidts as Chief Executive Officer.   She is replacing John Reid who announced earlier this month that he will step down from the position of CEO in early 2018. Smidts joins C&W from Liberty Global where she most recently held the position of Chief Marketing Officer.Prior to her role at Liberty Global, Smidts was Senior Vice President – Residential Marketing and a member of the Executive Team at Telenet Group.   While there, she was responsible for Go-to-Market reporting and overseeing the commercial strategy for Telenet’s business.Smidts has significant brand and marketing experience having spent over ten years earlier in her career at Procter & Gamble, where she started as Assistant Brand Manager and was regularly promoted, ultimately to Business Leader for the Benelux Paper business.   Smidts holds a Master of Economics degree from UFSIA in Antwerp and an MBA in Marketing from the IAE in Aix-en-Provence.Balan Nair, incoming President & CEO of Liberty Latin America said, “Inge is a proven executive that has delivered strong results throughout her career.   We are excited that she has agreed to lead C&W and join the Liberty Latin America team next year once the split from Liberty Global is complete.   I also want to thank John Reid for his many contributions to the company and facilitating a smooth transition.”“Inge is a dynamic leader who has successfully driven financial performance and built capable teams,” said Betzalel Kenigsztein, Liberty Latin America’s Chief Operating Officer.   “As we look to the future for C&W, we are confident that Inge is the right leader to help rebuild operations that were damaged by this year’s hurricanes and deliver growth for all our stakeholders.”Smidts commented, “I am excited to take on the role of CEO at C&W and work with the new management team that will lead Liberty Latin America into the future.  The prospects for C&W are bright and I look forward to leveraging my experiences at Liberty Global and Telenet to bring a commercial, marketing and customer-focus that will help deliver results.”John Reid, C&W’s current CEO, will help ensure a seamless leadership transition until Smidts’ tenure begins in February 2018.   Under the new Liberty Latin America management structure effective upon completion of the split-off from Liberty Global, Smidts will report to Betzalel Kenigsztein, Liberty Latin America’s COO.Press Release: C&W Related Items: Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img read more

Three vehicle crash sends nine to the hospital in National City

first_img KUSI Newsroom, KUSI Newsroom NATIONAL CITY (KUSI) – A three-vehicle crash on a National City street left six people with major injuries today and three others less seriously hurt. The pileup on Paradise Valley Road occurred shortly before 1 p.m., when a white Scion veered off the westbound side of the road at high speed and struck an oncoming Hyundai Sonata east of Plaza Boulevard, according to police.At least one of those vehicles then hit an eastbound Subaru Crosstrek, Lt. Robert Rounds said.Emergency crews had to use heavy prying equipment to get two or more of the victims out of the wreckage, Rounds said.Medics took all nine people involved in the accident — four each in the Scion and Hyundai, and the driver and sole occupant of the Subaru — to hospitals.At least one child was among the patients, the lieutenant said. None of the victims’ injuries were believed to be life threatening.The cause of the crash, which left the roadway blocked for about two hours, remained under investigation Thursday evening. Three vehicle crash sends nine to the hospital in National City December 20, 2018 Posted: December 20, 2018 Categories: Local San Diego News, Traffic & Accidents FacebookTwitterlast_img read more