Rabat – Following the terrorist attacks that hit Tunisia last Friday, the Tunisian government announced it will ban its citizens under the age of 35 to travel to Morocco, Turkey, Serbia, and Libya.According to Moroccan French-language website Yabildai, the measure, which was adopted few hours after the terrorist attack that claimed the lives of 38 people, is provisional and was supposed to last a few hours or few days.However, the measure is still in force, and the ban has not been lifted yet. “We want to prevent our youth from leaving the territory not only to protect them, but also to protect our borders. With what happened in Sousse, all possible measures have to be taken,” said Hamdi Ben Othmane, Tunisia’s General Consul in Morocco, quoted by Yabiladi.To justify his government’s decision to ban young Tunisians from traveling to Morocco, the Tunisian diplomat said that the absence of visa requirement for Tunisians to travel to Morocco or Turkey makes these countries potential transit territories for young Tunisians attempting to join terrorist organizations in the Middle East, such as the Islamic State.“Morocco is a country we respect, but the reality of the terrorist threat obligates us to take measures, which I repeat, are provisional,” he added.Edited by Timothy Filla

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