Why a Singapore-style London would be run by Jeremy Corbyn

YouGov polling this week did show Londoners hostile to the idea of a £1m legal limit for annual earnings. But previous polling showed that, by more than two-to-one, Londoners would support a 50p tax rate for those that earn over £150,000. They even agreed with the proposition that the 50p tax should be kept even if it did not bring more money in, because it is morally right that the rich pay more in tax.There are upsides to an independent London. We would finally deal with the housing crisis we face in the city: sheer mass, public irritation would see to that. Londoners’ very extensive use of paid childcare would also demand action to reduce costs. Public transport might also improve for the same reason.But people who want to live in a mercantile city state should not be looking to set one up in London. They will not like to hear this, but the polls suggest that the best place to do that might be in Surrey and the home counties. Polls of those who live in the South show they are the ones that truly believe in capitalism. An independent South might not have the same glamour, but it is the real home of capitalism in Britain. Ad Unmute by Taboolaby TaboolaSponsored LinksSponsored LinksPromoted LinksPromoted LinksYou May LikeOne-N-Done | 7-Minute Workout7 Minutes a Day To a Flat Stomach By Using This 1 Easy ExerciseOne-N-Done | 7-Minute WorkoutUndoMisterStoryWoman Files For Divorce After Seeing This Photo – Can You See Why?MisterStoryUndoMoneyPailShe Was A Star, Now She Works In ScottsdaleMoneyPailUndoSwift VerdictChrissy Metz, 39, Shows Off Massive Weight Loss In Fierce New PhotoSwift VerdictUndoAtlantic MirrorA Kilimanjaro Discovery Has Proved This About The BibleAtlantic MirrorUndoWarped SpeedCan You Name More State Capitals Than A 5th Grader? Find Out Now!Warped SpeedUndoZen HeraldEllen Got A Little Too Personal With Blake Shelton, So He Said ThisZen HeraldUndoPost FunCops Called To Investigate Smell From Abandoned House Didn’t Expect To Find ThisPost FunUndoMedical MattersThis Picture Shows Who Prince Harry’s Father Really IsMedical MattersUndo whatsapp whatsapp James Frayne Occasionally, highly educated Londoners half-jokingly, half-wistfully suggest the city should declare independence from the rest of the country.They really mean independence from provincial England, whose values and political priorities they abhor. They aspire to live in a city friendly to business and the successful – an open-minded city, open to the world. Would they get that in a democratic London state? In a word: no. Share Why a Singapore-style London would be run by Jeremy Corbyn Friday 13 January 2017 4:59 am While London has a large number of successful, liberal-minded professionals, it has at least as many people worried about the supposed negative impact of the city’s wealth and success on ordinary people. Some of these people struggle themselves; others simply reject the laissez-faire capitalist model that some want to create. Either way, there are not enough votes in London for a Singaporean model.There are a few areas where the independence movement would be happy. London would undoubtedly vote to re-join the EU. It would remain much more diverse than the rest of the country and more positive towards multiculturalism – not just accepting of a multiracial society but positive about different cultures asserting themselves. (That said, polls suggest Londoners favour restricting the numbers of new migrants – presumably because of perceived pressures on public services and housing.)But London would also be much more likely to vote in a Corbynist government than the rest of the UK. I do not just mean a Labour government – we have a moderate Labour mayor, and many would be happy for this to continue. But (just as has happened in New York) London is much more likely to vote hard-left. While the Conservatives lead Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour nationally by 13 points, in London it is only by four points. Add a couple of Brexit wobbles, and the lead could disappear.This reflects many Londoners’ core values. Just before the last General Election, think tank Policy Exchange produced in-depth research into people’s values and political priorities. While most people across Britain said their most important value was “family”, in London this was considerably below “fairness”. This is important: family suggests you think the most important unit is outside the state; fairness suggests you think the state needs to intervene to even things up. Londoners are the most likely people, along with those in Scotland, to say government can be a force for good, rather than that its size should be restricted.Furthermore, like other British people, Londoners think the way the economy works is unfair for the majority. Despite living in one of the world’s great capitalist cities, where millions of people’s livelihoods are dependent in some way on the wealth created by the businesses that operate here, people are not convinced about the power of the market. read more

Bank holiday: Pubs predict 21m fewer pints sold and £80m in lost sales

first_img Millie Turner Over 2,000 pubs have been too small to adhere to the restrictions of six per table and no bar service and have stayed shut since 17 May. (Getty Images) whatsapp The BBPA has forecast an overall loss of around £80m in revenue from pint sales just this bank holiday weekend, a 34 per cent drop in revenue for a normal spring bank holiday weekend. Calling for all restrictions to be removed on June 21, the BBPA has said that full trading next month was key to the sectors survival. “Pubs only have a fighting chance of recovering from more than a year of lockdowns and restrictions if they can fully reopen as normal.” whatsapp Over 2,000 pubs have been too small to adhere to the restrictions of six per table and no bar service and have stayed shut since 17 May. (Getty Images) Also Read: Bank holiday: Pubs predict 21m fewer pints sold and £80m in lost sales The strong start to indoor and outdoor trading has failed to outpace current pub restrictions which has seen the number of customers they can serve drop, along with the number of pints sold, the trade association said. “That is a huge amount of money and could be the difference between surviving or thriving for thousands of pubs in communities across the country,” BBPA chief executive Emma McClarkin said. Around 95 per cent of the UK’s 47,000 pubs have reopened since restrictions shut their doors, but restrictions still dictate how they run, as the lack of bar service has riled pub owners. “As more and more people get their vaccine, and if reports continue to suggest that the Indian variant is less prevalent than originally believed, all restrictions must be removed in pubs on June 21 as per the government’s own road map,” McClarkin added.center_img Show Comments ▼ Over 2,000 pubs have been too small to adhere to the restrictions of six per table and no bar service and have stayed shut since 17 May. Bank holiday: Pubs predict 21m fewer pints sold and £80m in lost sales “We estimate Brits who go and support their local this bank holiday weekend will buy 42m pints. Whilst that is better than being closed with no trade at all, it is 21m pints fewer than normal for the spring bank holiday.” Table service only rules are stifling bar sales, the British Beer and Pub Association has said today, as pubs expect to sell 21m fewer pints than normal over the bank holiday weekend. Share Over 2,000 pubs have been too small to adhere to the restrictions of six per table and no bar service and have stayed shut since 17 May. (Getty Images) Also Read: Bank holiday: Pubs predict 21m fewer pints sold and £80m in lost sales Over 2,000 pubs have been too small to adhere to the restrictions of six per table and no bar service and have stayed shut since 17 May. (Getty Images) Also Read: Bank holiday: Pubs predict 21m fewer pints sold and £80m in lost sales by Taboolaby TaboolaSponsored LinksSponsored LinksPromoted LinksPromoted LinksYou May Likemoneywise.comKirkland Products That Are Actually Big Brands In Disguisemoneywise.comAll Things Auto | Search AdsNew Cadillac’s Finally On SaleAll Things Auto | Search AdsNoteableyJulia Robert’s Daughter Turns 16 And Looks Just Like Her MomNoteableyThe Legacy ReportMan Who Predicted 2020 Crash 45 Days Early Issues Next Major WarningThe Legacy ReportFinanceChatterViewers Had To Look Away When This Happened On Live TVFinanceChatterPaws ZillaIf A Bear Attacks You, Do What This Navy SEAL SaysPaws ZillaFungus EliminatorIf You Have Toenail Fungus Try This Tonight (Genius!)Fungus EliminatorBrake For ItSay Goodbye: These Cars Will Be Discontinued In 2021Brake For Itbonvoyaged.comThese Celebs Are Complete Jerks In Real Life.bonvoyaged.com Friday 28 May 2021 8:05 am Tags: Covid-19 a year onlast_img read more

Scientists study increasing jellyfish numbers in Bering Sea

first_imgEnvironment | Northwest | Oceans | Science & Tech | Western | WildlifeScientists study increasing jellyfish numbers in Bering SeaJune 29, 2018 by Davis Hovey, KNOM-Nome Share:University of Alaska Fairbanks research vessel Sikuliaq docks at Nome’s port. (File photo by Emily Russell/KNOM)Jellyfish have been a natural part of the Bering Sea ecosystem for decades. In recent years, their population numbers in the region have dramatically increased.A research team funded by the National Science Foundation is in Nome to find out what the cause and implications might be.“There are certainly fish that do feed on jellyfish: some of the salmon do, some other fish,”said Mary Beth Decker, a research scientist from Yale University. “But in this part of the world, not this many fish feed on jellyfish.”Decker is part of a three-person research team sailing to Slime Bank in the southern Bering Sea this week, north of the Alaska Peninsula.Having jellyfish around has minimal benefits.Few types of fish eat them, and these species aren’t exactly edible for humans, either.When it comes to potential consequences of having more jellyfish, though, Decker said that’s a different story.“They have impacts on the ecosystem, because they feed on things that fish eat. They’ll eat small crustaceans, zoo plankton, that are prey for other seabirds and marine mammals. And also fish, both young fish and some older fish, like herring.”The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) has been recording jellyfish numbers in the Bering Sea for the past 40 years using their trawls, according to Decker.The populations have fluctuated up and down throughout that period for multiple species of jellies, including larger ones like Pacific sea nettle, but Decker also points out there are smaller types that are harder to see or even catch in trawl nets.New Jersey teacher Joanna Chierici is onboard this research voyage to educate and reach out to groups about the types and numbers of jellyfish present in the Bering Sea.“I’m going to be there observing and taking part in the cruise,” she said. Then I take that information and turn it around to classrooms, to community groups — basically any audience that I can find — and just make people more aware of what’s going on with the jellyfish population in this area.”In order to study jellyfish reproductive capacity and the potential for their populations to increase even more in the Bering Sea, the research team will be using small mesh nets to capture plankton, a food source for jellyfish, along with the jellies themselves.Besides their scientific resources, Decker and the research team will also rely on human observations to track jellyfish:“I really appreciate how the people I’ve met up here, how they have their eyes on the water and are even looking for jellyfish,” Decker said. “Frankly, I think a lot of people across the world I’ve spoken to don’t care about jellyfish, but it’s been refreshing for me to be here and hear people get excited about jellyfish.”The research team will be on board the University of Alaska Fairbanks vessel Sikuliaq for the next couple weeks. You can follow along on their voyage and learn more about their findings on polartrec.com.Decker hopes to return to Nome and the Norton Sound region for more jellyfish research in the coming years. If you have observations of jellyfish or wish to share more with her and the researchers, email [email protected] or [email protected], or follow along on their blog.Share this story:last_img read more

Entire length of Pooncarie Road to be sealed opening access to Menindee Lakes

first_imgEntire length of Pooncarie Road to be sealed opening access to Menindee Lakes Journeys for the people of Pooncarie and Menindee are about to change dramatically as work gets underway to seal one of the region’s major arterial routes.Federal Member for Parkes Mark Coulton said the upgrade of Pooncarie Road between Menindee and Pooncarie, from a dirt road to a bitumen sealed road, would result in less road closures from rain events.“The majority of the road is still unsealed which often results in communities being isolated for weeks at a time after rainfall,” Mr Coulton said.“The 87.5 kilometres of bitumen sealing to be carried out over the next three years will ensure motorists enjoy safer, faster and more reliable journeys, opening up the area to tourism and freight operators while connecting the historic towns of Pooncarie, Menindee, Wilcannia, White Cliffs and Broken Hill.”NSW Minister for Regional Transport and Roads Paul Toole said the upgrade was fantastic news for people who used the road frequently and needed to access crucial services on a daily basis.“We’ve demonstrated how sealing a road can change the lives of the local communities with the sealing of the Silver City Highway from Broken Hill to Tibooburra – road closures from flooding are now only days instead of weeks,” Mr Toole said.“About 75 people will be employed during this three-year project which will boost local employment and unlock opportunities for primary producers and tourism operators. The new road will be a huge asset for the region.”Federal Member for Farrer Sussan Ley said the recent federal funding announcement of $4.6 million, which has been matched by NSW, meant that 26.5 kilometres of road would now be sealed through the Wentworth Shire in addition to the 61 kilometres through the Central Darling Shire.“A fully sealed road will reduce travel times by about 90 minutes between Menindee and Wentworth – at present some vehicles are forced to travel at around 20km/hour along parts of the dirt road,” Ms Ley said.“This will mean all kinds of vehicles, including caravans, will now have year-round access to the environmental drawcards of Menindee Lakes and Mungo National Park.”NSW Member of the Legislative Council Sam Farraway said the upgrade would transform journeys for not only locals, but also tourists and freight operators.“Pooncarie Road connects people in the Menindee Lakes area with emergency and health services, schools and other services – and the freight operators who bring supplies like groceries,” Mr Farraway said.“All too often, the road is impassable or washes away in heavy rainfall or flooding, isolating these communities often for weeks, so it’s great we’re getting on with the job of delivering this project for local communities.”Darryl Cowie, who moved to Menindee 27 years ago and has owned the Burke and Wills Motel since 2006, said he was looking forward to seeing tourists flock to the area once Pooncarie Road is sealed.“Visitors to Menindee drive in from Broken Hill and soon realise that they need to travel back the same way. The sealing of Pooncarie Road will really open up the Far South West area for exploring and make access easier for emergency services,” Mr Cowie said.Freight operator John Coombe, a born-and-bred Menindee local, thinks the sealing of Pooncarie Road will ‘link the break in the chain’.“Not only will we see an increase in visitors to Menindee but for freight operators like myself, Pooncarie Road will become a reliable commute that’s not affected by weather anymore,” Mr Coombe said.Work started on the Central Darling Shire portion of the project on Tuesday, 19 January with works to start on the Wentworth Shire portion of the project in the first half of 2021. /Public Release. This material comes from the originating organization and may be of a point-in-time nature, edited for clarity, style and length. View in full here. Why?Well, unlike many news organisations, we have no sponsors, no corporate or ideological interests. We don’t put up a paywall – we believe in free access to information of public interest. Media ownership in Australia is one of the most concentrated in the world (Learn more). Since the trend of consolidation is and has historically been upward, fewer and fewer individuals or organizations control increasing shares of the mass media in our country. According to independent assessment, about 98% of the media sector is held by three conglomerates. This tendency is not only totally unacceptable, but also to a degree frightening). Learn more hereWe endeavour to provide the community with real-time access to true unfiltered news firsthand from primary sources. It is a bumpy road with all sorties of difficulties. We can only achieve this goal together. Our website is open to any citizen journalists and organizations who want to contribute, publish high-quality insights or send media releases to improve public access to impartial information. You and we have the right to know, learn, read, hear what and how we deem appropriate.Your support is greatly appreciated. All donations are kept completely private and confidential.Thank you in advance!Tags:AusPol, Australia, Broken Hill, Central, Emergency Services, employment, Federal, Government, health services, infrastructure, Menindee, National Park, NSW, Parkes, Pooncarie, regional development, road closure, Tibooburra, Wentworth, White Cliffs, Wilcannialast_img read more

Facilities Management Mentor Program off to a successful start

first_imgShare Share via TwitterShare via FacebookShare via LinkedInShare via E-mail Published: May 30, 2013 A group of Facilities Management staff celebrated completion of the department’s inaugural Mentor Program on May 21, 2013. The voluntary one-year program, which launched in May 2012, pairs mentors with mentees in an opportunity for professional growth and development. Mentors help their partners identify career goals, involve them in hands-on learning opportunities, and facilitate internal and external networking. Some of the program’s broader goals include fostering teamwork, transferring institutional knowledge, and planning for succession as key leaders retire. “This inaugural session of our mentoring program was a success by any measure and reaffirms our commitment to continued employee growth and development,” says Steve Thweatt, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Facilities Management. “We look forward to improving the program even more going forward.” Eighteen mentor/mentee pairs participated in the program. The next round of applications will be accepted in August, with the program set to begin in September.last_img read more

SommCon Hosts Côtes Du Rhône, It Takes a Village

first_imgHome Industry News Releases SommCon Hosts Côtes Du Rhône, It Takes a VillageIndustry News ReleasesWine BusinessSommCon Hosts Côtes Du Rhône, It Takes a VillageBy Press Release – August 24, 2020 125 0 AdvertisementFree Webinar for Beverage Industry Professionals via Zoom on August 27 at 9:00 a.m. PDTSan Diego, CA (August 24, 2020) – What: SommCon®, a leading conference for the wine, beer, and spirits industry, hosts panel discussion featuring experts from throughout the Côtes du Rhône. The webinar is to be held via Zoom on Thursday August 27, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. PDT.Attendees of the webinar hear from an expert panel how geography differentiates Côtes du Rhône and Côtes du Rhône Villages. During the webinar panelists explore the many nuances including color, terroir, and denomination that this French AOC offers.The webinar is free to members of the trade with the option to make a payment in support of The Somm Relief Project, a joint initiative from SommCon, The Somm Journal, and The Tasting Panel that provides grants and funding to individual members of the trade impacted by COVID-19 and non-profit organizations in the wine and spirits industry that are financially supporting personally affected individuals.Who:Speakers for the webinar include:Francine Tallaron, Lawyer AOC Specialist, Syndicat des Côtes du RhôneMichelle Bouffard, Certified Sommelier, DipWSET, Certified EducatorEdouard Guérin, Technical Manager and Winemaker, Maison OgierAnthony Taylor, Director of Public Relations, Maison Gabriel MeffreJulien Lafond, Domaine de l’EspigouetteModerator:Jonathan Cristaldi, Editor-at-Large, SOMM Journal and Tasting Panel MagazineWhen and Where:August 27, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. PDT via Zoom.Sign Up: Visit HERE to register. The webinar will also be available for download on the SommConfidential Blog, located on the SommCon® website, for those unable to attend live.Advertisement Facebook Share Linkedin TAGSSommCon Twitter Pinterest Email Previous articleAfternoon Brief, August 24Next articleWine Industry Embracing Technology and Innovation to Drive Sales Press Release ReddItlast_img read more

Institute of Jamaica Junior Centre to get Facelift on Action Day

first_imgRelatedInstitute of Jamaica Junior Centre to get Facelift on Action Day RelatedInstitute of Jamaica Junior Centre to get Facelift on Action Day FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail The beautification of the Institute of Jamaica Junior Centre in Portmore, St. Catherine, is the national project for Action Day on May 21.On the day, adults and children from the centre and surrounding communities will be engaged in the painting of the building and erecting a concrete sign to display the services offered at the facility.Additionally, a mural will be painted on the exterior walls of the Institute by a group of art students and their teacher.Action Day, which is the youth equivalent of Labour Day, is one of several activities by the National Child Month Committee to mark Child Month in May, under the theme: ‘All I want is a chance to grow up’.Chairperson of the Action Day Sub-Committee, Vivienne DaCosta, told JIS News that the main aim of the project is to improve the physical appearance of the building.“The centre is drab. There is no sign. It is not visible, nor is the building attractive from the outside,” Miss DaCosta said, adding that a survey done recently revealed that many persons in the community were unaware that it existed.Miss DaCosta said that work was estimated to cost over $200,000 and will be supported by a number of corporate sponsors.According to Miss DaCosta, activities would begin by weekend so as to have everything completed on May 21. Work will be spearheaded by members of the National Child Month Committee.“We are hoping that we could finish before because we do not want to have many things to do on that final day, but if anything is left, then it would be the painting of the mural, which could be completed on the day,” she said.According to Miss DaCosta, Action Day provides the opportunity for children to give back to their communities.“This day creates an opportunity for schools, clubs, church groups and individual children islandwide, to do something for their community, thus promoting good values and community spirit,” she said.Miss DaCosta is urging persons to register their projects by sending them to Vivienne DaCosta, c/o Dispute Resolution Foundation at 5 Camp Road, Kingston 4, telephone 908-3637.Among the main sponsors of Child Month are Telecommunications giant, LIME, GraceKennedy, Jamaica National Building Society, Jamaica Banana Producers, Advantage General Insurance Company, Burger King and the Bank of Nova Scotia Jamaica Limited. RelatedInstitute of Jamaica Junior Centre to get Facelift on Action Daycenter_img Institute of Jamaica Junior Centre to get Facelift on Action Day LabourMay 14, 2010 Advertisementslast_img read more

Students Urged to Learn a Second Language

first_imgStudents Urged to Learn a Second Language CultureJuly 18, 2013Written by: Christine Ade-Gold Students Urged to Learn a Second LanguageJIS News | Presented by: PausePlay% buffered00:0000:00UnmuteMuteDisable captionsEnable captionsSettingsCaptionsDisabledQualityundefinedSpeedNormalCaptionsGo back to previous menuQualityGo back to previous menuSpeedGo back to previous menu0.5×0.75×Normal1.25×1.5×1.75×2×Exit fullscreenEnter fullscreenPlay Photo: JIS PhotographerDirector of Production at the Jamaica Information Service (JIS), Enthrose Campbell, interacts with students attending summer classes at the Sandy Park Basic School in St. Andrew on Thursday, July 18, during her presentation on the topic: ‘The Importance of Learning a Second Language’. The students are beneficiaries under the University of Technology’s (UTech) Students’ Union ‘Teach the Youth’ summer outreach programme. Related4-H Clubbites Receive Entrepreneurial and Life Skills Training Director of Production, Jamaica Information Service (JIS), Enthrose Campbell, is encouraging Jamaican students to learn a second language.She said that learning a foreign language enables students to relate to other cultures, expand opportunities for employment and scholarships, and sharpen skills in their own language.“Learning a foreign language is key. Listen to your teachers and open your minds to learning it. My English got better when I learnt Spanish,” she said.Miss Campbell, who is a certified Spanish translator, was addressing students attending summer classes at the Sandy Park Basic School in St. Andrew on Thursday, July 18, under the ‘Teach the Youth’ outreach project organised by the University of Technology’s (UTech) Students’ Union.Miss Campbell, who spoke on the topic: ‘The Importance of Learning a Second Language,’ said that through her knowledge of Spanish, she has been able to travel to a number of countries, including Colombia, where she was able to impart the Jamaican culture.Miss Campbell engaged the group of 10 to 18 year olds in a lively session, which was conducted in both English and Spanish.She asked them to observe a moment of silence in honour of Nelson Mandela Day, which was observed on July 18.The JIS is one of the sponsors of the ‘Teach the Youth’ outreach programme, which is being undertaken in five communities in the vicinity of the university – Highlight View, August Town, Kintyre, Tavern, and Sandy Park.The programme, which is in its second of three weeks, is receiving the support of a number of volunteers, including Shinair Smith, who is supervisor for teaching and lesson plans.“I enrolled with UTech’s Earn and Study Programme and I wanted to give back to a community, so I decided to volunteer for this project. It has taught me patience, and, at the end of the day you feel a sense of accomplishment,” she told JIS News.Ms. Smith said the programme is a good one and should be longer.“We definitely need more time. Three weeks is not enough. Some of the students need more help in this kind of setting,” she stated.Ms. Smith said she is impressed with the work being done by the UTech student body, and cited on the important role being played by the sponsors, including JIS.Also yesterday, Director of Corporate Services, Jamaica Information Service (JIS), Errol Gardner, spoke to students attending classes at the McLeod Basic School in Highlight View, about the importance of participating in sports.The outreach project is set to end with a closing ceremony and Sports Day on July 26 at UTech.Details of the programme can be found on the Students’ Union website at www.utechstudentsunion.com. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail center_img RelatedNYS Introduces Work Experience Project for Tertiary Graduates Story Highlights Learning a foreign language enables students to expand opportunities JIS is one of the sponsors of the ‘Teach the Youth’ outreach programme RelatedShot Pakistani Schoolgirl Receives Books from Girls of Hampton Advertisementslast_img read more

Shoplifting suspect hides whiskey in his pants

first_imgTags :gelson’slincoln boulevardno bailrobert brooksrobert eugene brooksSanta Monicasanta monica californiasanta monica daily presssanta monica newssanta monica policeshopliftingVeniceshare on Facebookshare on Twitteradd a commentLetters: A problem with Big Blue Bus, a request of Donald TrumpSanta Monica schools add non-gender bathrooms, LGBTQ servicesYou Might Also LikeFeaturedNewsBoardwalk business recovery hamstrung by homelessness crisisClara Harter2 days agoCrimeCRIME WATCHNewsCrime WatchGuest Author3 days agoCrimeFeaturedKnife-wielding woman arrested during L.A. Councilman’s speechGuest Author4 days agoCrimeCRIME WATCHNewsCrime WatchGuest Author7 days agoCrimeFeaturedHomeless man loses an eye to BB gun assaultGuest Author1 week agoCrimeCRIME WATCHNewsCrime WatchGuest Author1 week ago HomeNewsCrimeShoplifting suspect hides whiskey in his pants Aug. 30, 2016 at 11:01 amCrimeShoplifting suspect hides whiskey in his pantseditor5 years agogelson’slincoln boulevardno bailrobert brooksrobert eugene brooksSanta Monicasanta monica californiasanta monica daily presssanta monica newssanta monica policeshopliftingVenice On Aug. 18 at approximately 6:45 p.m., a suspect entered the Gelson’s market at 2627 Lincoln Blvd., and walked to directly to the liquor aisle.A loss-prevention agent at the store recognized the suspect from previous thefts, so he kept an eye on him. The agent then saw the suspect take a bottle of whiskey and hide in his pants.The suspect then walked over to the meat department and picked up a frozen steak, which he hid inside his jacket a few minutes later. After walking around the store briefly, the suspect walked out the front doors without paying for the items.The agent stopped the suspect and detained him, then called for police. Officers arrived a short time later and took the suspect into custody for shoplifting.Robert Eugene Brooks, 50, of Venice, was denied bail.Note: Crime Watch is culled from reports provided by the Santa Monica Police Department. These are arrests only. All parties are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.last_img read more

Mac Lochlainn says parliamentary question on LGH diabetes services has not been answered

first_img RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Pinterest Twitter Facebook Twitter 75 positive cases of Covid confirmed in North Previous articleDerry’s Mark Timlin set for move to DublinNext articleMan arrested as part of Bloody Sunday investigation admin WhatsApp Pinterest Homepage BannerNews Google+ Mac Lochlainn says parliamentary question on LGH diabetes services has not been answeredcenter_img WhatsApp Facebook A Donegal TD is calling on Health Minister Leo Varadkar and management at the Saolta Hospital Group to ensure that a second permanent, full-time endocrinologist team is appointed to Letterkenny General Hospital.Deputy Padraig Mac Lochlainn says the waiting list for diabetes type 1 patients at the hospital can now be as long as 26 months, a situation he says is unacceptable.He recently submitted a parliamentary question to the minister, but it was referred to management at the hospital.Deputy Mac Lochlainn says he received a reply, but his question was not answered………Audio Playerhttp://www.highlandradio.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/diabetes.mp300:0000:0000:00Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.Reply received to question – Google+ By admin – November 10, 2015 Further drop in people receiving PUP in Donegal Gardai continue to investigate Kilmacrennan fire Lárionad Acmhainní Nádúrtha CTR to take part in new research project Pregnant women can receive Covid vaccine at LYIT’s vaccination centre LUH still not ready to restore IT systemslast_img read more