After Saving 2 Girls But Losing Snout, Hero Dog Flies to US for Surgery

first_img(WATCH the video from ITN below Advertisement-Free, or read the story in the Examiner)AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to EmailEmailEmailShare to RedditRedditRedditShare to MoreAddThisMore AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to EmailEmailEmailShare to RedditRedditRedditShare to MoreAddThisMoreA Philippine dog became a national hero after he sacrificed himself for two girls who were about to be run over.His snout took the brunt of the force and horrific injuries have left him without a top jaw.“Kabang” arrived in the US to receive groundbreaking surgery after a website raised the $20,000 needed for her flight and care.last_img

We Should Be Promoting Diversity in the AV Industry

first_imgOn infrequent occasions, I write blogs that do not relate directly to technology or AV. I do this because I feel as though I should stick to the things that I know and have experience with. Yet, there are times when something is so important, I feel like I need to say something. Due to the racial inequalities within the U.S. — which have been highlighted over the past several months — this is one of those times.I have always lived my life believing that I give all people a fair chance, that I don’t judge based on gender, sexual orientation, race or religion. Over the past few months, I have challenged myself on that thinking. One event stands out in my mind, in particular: A couple of weeks ago, HETMA organized a virtual conference for higher education. One of the sessions was about diversity in our industry. During the live session, Joe Way (chairperson of HETMA) had a revelation — that I don’t think any of the steering committee members had previously — that the entire HETMA steering committee comprises middle-aged (ish), white men. Here we were, promoting diversity as an essential part of the industry, but we had not even recognized that we were sitting on a homogeneous steering committee.That realization made me start thinking more critically about the difference between saying (and believing) that I support all types of equality and really taking action. It was proof to me that I could not just talk about this belief anymore; I had to start acting on it. So, in the few weeks that have passed, I have read more about these issues and thought more about what actions I can take.If you are interested in challenging your assumptions and learning about racial inequality, take some time to read “How to Be An Antiracist” by Ibram X. Kendi. Yes, it is an academic book, but written in a compelling way that invites everyone to read it. Kendi’s powerful theory is that you first have to recognize and define racism, and then you can define anti-racism. Kendi believes that the answer to “what can I do about it,” is to be an anti-racist.What are some ways we can actively promote racial equality and anti-racism in our industry? Let’s start with hiring. Very typically, whether consciously or not, we hire people that are like us. These are people with similar backgrounds, certifications, education and more likely than not, the same skin color. Internally and externally, we defend this by believing that these are the people who are “qualified” for the position. We need to recognize that people who are different from us may have different ways of demonstrating their qualifications but are equally qualified. We need to be open, accepting and aware of these differences.A second way is with industry discussions, trade shows, panels, etc. A few prominent members of our industry have publicly stated that they will not participate in a panel or event that only includes male presenters. From observing from afar, I have recognized that the most productive response this stance is not to disinvite the speaker, but to invite more women to the panel. In other words, taking a stance works! This is a great start and helps promote gender equality — so, let’s do the same with racial equality. Let’s take a stand that says we won’t be on a board, steering committee, panel, etc. that does not include racial diversity and gender diversity. By doing so, we force ourselves to recognize the lack of diversity in the industry, as we did in my example about the HETMA steering committee.A third way is via representation. Having diverse panels is one way to demonstrate a diverse industry, but we need to continue that representation into the companies themselves. A meaningful way to do this is to highlight the people of color who work in your organizations. When people look to our industry to see if it is a welcoming place, they want to see people who look like them. If all we are showing are the white men, this sends the message that this is an industry for white men, and others are not valued, recognized or promoted. The same goes for the various committees and associations that are part of our industry. Make sure you are committing to diversity, and make sure that diversity is represented. Use social media to grow your network of diverse people. Listen to their input, recognize it and promote it. Make sure your networks are as diverse as you want your organization to be.Finally, supporting people of color who work in your organization is critical. You may end up working with clients who directly ask or indirectly infer that they would prefer not to work with a person of color. If you allow that to happen, just to keep that customer happy, you do not support the person in your organization. Instead, you should make it clear to the client that if they are not willing to work with your diverse staff, they should take their business to another firm.I am sharing these ideas with the readers of this blog, not because I am an expert. I am sharing them because speaking out, and more importantly, taking action is the path to a more diverse industry. Most importantly, I would love to see these thoughts start a discussion. Tell me where I am wrong, tell me where I am right, tell us all what we can do in the industry to become diverse and welcoming.last_img read more

Mead earns All-American at NCAA Championships

first_imgMead earns All-American at NCAA ChampionshipsMoira DuCharme, Daily File PhotoMinnesota senior Hassan Mead competes Saturday, September 24 in the 26th Annual Roy Griak Invitational in Falcon Heights. Dane MizutaniNovember 22, 2011Jump to CommentsShare on FacebookShare on TwitterShare via EmailPrintThe Gophers menâÄôs cross country team wrapped up its season Monday at the NCAA championships in Terre Haute, Ind., with a 16th-place finish in the 31-team field.Hassan Mead earned the fourth All-American honor of his cross country career by finishing 34th, in 30 minutes, 2 seconds.âÄúI think both of us would have been happier if he was a little higher,âÄù menâÄôs head coach Steve Plasencia said. âÄúHe got out a little bit [further] back than we would have envisioned and from that point on, he pretty much stayed in that position.âÄúI donâÄôt know if he felt super today, but obviously heâÄôs meant a lot to Minnesota cross country and to get another All-American award is a great thing.âÄùLawi Lalang out of Arizona won the 10-kilometer race with a time of 28 minutes, 44 seconds.He finished 13 seconds before the next-closest finisher.Mead and the Gophers had already experienced LalangâÄôs dominance first-hand when they faced him at the Roy Griak Invitational on Sept. 24.Lalang obliterated the course record at the Griak three months ago when he finished the 8K course in 23 minutes, 16 seconds.Despite Lalang winning the race, Wisconsin won the NCAA championship with an overall team score of 97. The Badgers knocked off two-time defending champion Oklahoma State to win the title. Plasencia said the race went out really fast as he expected, but was overall satisfied with his teamâÄôs finish.âÄúIt was a solid performance from our guys,âÄù Plasencia said. âÄúAnytime youâÄôre in the top-20 weâÄôre not going to be too upset with that.âÄùPieter Gagnon (81st), Andrew Larsen (106th), Marcus Paulson (148th) and Steve Sulkin (197th) rounded out the scoring roster for Minnesota.This marked the final race in the illustrious career of Mead and he will leave a substantial gap on the teamâÄôs roster next season.Outside of Mead, the Gophers return their second through fifth runners next season, including Gagnon.âÄúTheyâÄôve shown their dedication to the sport, dedication to Minnesota and dedication to each other and thatâÄôs fun to be around,âÄù Plasencia said. âÄúI am proud of them.âÄùWomen finish 27th MinnesotaâÄôs womenâÄôs cross country team concluded its season with a 27th place finish at the NCAA championships on Monday.Steph Price was unable to repeat as an All-American and finished 61st overall with a time of 20 minutes, 43 seconds.  She was 21 spots and less than 14 seconds off her second All-America selection.âÄúI think the kids were a lot more disappointed in themselves than I was in them because I wasnâÄôt disappointed at all,âÄù womenâÄôs head coach Gary Wilson said. âÄúWeâÄôve been holding things together with bubblegum and scotch tape just emotionally in the last month.âÄùThe Gophers have faced an obstacle-ridden season this year but have been a team predicated on resilience.When Kelli Budd, who was expected to be on the scoring roster, went down with mono early in the year, someone stepped up.When Missa Varpness struggled to find her form from a year ago, someone stepped up.Even when Maggie Bollig got sick with the stomach flu two days before the Big Ten championships, someone stepped up.That whoâÄôs-up-next attitude led Minnesota to an at-large selection for the NCAA championships.Sheila Reid from Villanova won the 6K race in a finish determined by 0.6 seconds.Reid finished with a time of 19 minutes, 41 seconds, narrowly edging Jordan Hasay from Oregon. Georgetown captured the national title with an overall team score of 162, beating out Washington by 8 points.  Although the Gophers finished 27th in a 31-team field, Wilson said he tried to make his team aware of the big picture.âÄúI said, âÄòThere are over 300 kids that are sitting home watching this meet so you got to be proud of yourself in terms of hanging in there and staying tough,âÄôâÄù Wilson said. âÄúI thought if we could be in the top-25 thatâÄôd be a great day and we were 27th so thatâÄôs just the way it is.âÄùAshlie Decker (143rd), Molly Kayfes (166th), Maggie Bollig (175th) and Katie Moraczewski (190th) were the teamâÄôs top finishers after Price.Price, who was in her final season of eligibility, has run her last collegiate cross country race. The rest of the top-five finishers consisted of three sophomores wand one freshman, so the future of the program looks bright.âÄúItâÄôs a very good, young group. Now theyâÄôve got a couple years under their belt,âÄù Wilson said. âÄúI said, âÄòNow letâÄôs make the step âĦ and try to build on this and go to the next year.âÄôâÄùlast_img read more

The power of rituals

first_imgThe Boston Globe:WADE BOGGS, THE Hall of Fame third baseman for the Boston Red Sox, was famous for his pregame rituals. Before each outing, he ate chicken, took batting practice at 5:17 p.m., did wind sprints at 7:17 p.m., and fielded 150 ground balls. He also wrote the Hebrew word for life (“chai”) in the dirt before going up to bat. Did these superstitions do any good?Some new research suggests they might have, and that anyone — from Olympic athletes to office workers — can benefit from the same kinds of routines. So, how does one go about testing the power of superstition? Obviously, part of the answer includes the 1970s rock band Journey, sodium chloride, and crumpled up pieces of paper. But more on that later.…A 2013 paper in Psychological Science reported that when teenagers wrote positive thoughts about their bodies, their attitudes about their bodies improved — unless they threw their notes in the trash, thus trashing their thoughts. A 2010 paper in the same journal reported that when subjects wrote about a regretful experience, placing the page in an envelope increased “psychological closure” and reduced negative feelings about the event.Read the whole story: The Boston Globe More of our Members in the Media >last_img read more

Wave Energy to Be Discussed at Orkney International Science Festival

first_imgThis year’s Orkney International Science Festival will see significant wave energy players presenting and discussing this specific renewable energy industry.EMEC’s managing director, Neil Kermode, will introduce speakers from key sections of the new marine renewables industry – developers, support service providers, researchers – to give a picture of where it’s at and where it’s going in the year ahead. Stromness-based Joe Thompson from Pelamis will round-up the highlights of the last year and discuss future plans for Pelamis Wave Power.‘Wave and Tide – The Year Ahead’ will be held on September 5 at the Orkney Arts Theatre in Kirkwall. This year’s Festival covers the 7 days of 4-10 September, with over 60 events on astronomy, earth sciences, energy, medicine, archaeology etc.Press release, September 02, 2014; Image: Pelamis Wave Powerlast_img read more

Teleste to equip Luxembourg Coradias with passenger information systems

first_imgLUXEMBOURG: Teleste is to supply onboard public address, passenger information and CCTV equipment for 34 high-capacity double-deck electric multiple-units which national railway CFL has ordered from Alstom.Teleste said its technology would support the easy delivery and management of real-time travel data on moving trains, with ‘seamlessly connected’ public address systems and TFT and LED information displays.In December 2018 CFL awarded Alstom a €360m contract to supply 34 Coradia EMUs from December 2021, with the manufacturer saying they would feature the ‘latest innovations’ including ‘spacious and well-lit’ passenger areas, cycle spaces, accessible toilets, dynamic information systems, wi-fi, CCTV and LED lighting.They are being designed at Alstom’s Valenciennes plant and manufactured in Barcelona, with input from Alstom sites in Charleroi, Reichshoffen, Tarbes, Ornans, Villeurbanne, Savigliano and Salzgitter.last_img read more

Duduk di Kursi Lorong Ternyata Punya Banyak Kemudahan

first_imgApakah ada aturan resmi ketika duduk di kursi pesawat? Sepertinya tidak, apalagi untuk duduk di kursi dekat lorong. Bahkan bisa dikatakan bila dalam urutan keluarga kursi di lorong adalah anak tertua. Kursi ini adalah tempat untuk pelancong yang fokus masuk dan keluar seefisien mungkin.Baca juga: (Video) Kursi Pesawat Dekat Jendela Paling Kotor Diantara yang LainnyaKarena duduk di kursi dekat lorong, bisa merasa lebih bebas dan bergerak lebih leluasa ketika ke toilet atau lavatory dalam pesawat. merangkum laman, selain bisa masuk dan keluar kursi seenaknya, penumpang yang duduk di kursi lorong juga bebas menyelonjorkan kaki ke lorong untuk sesaat. Sebab jika lebih lama dari itu berisiko kaki tersenggol troli yang dibawa awak kabin. Dengan duduk dilorong juga dengan mudah membantu penumpang lain yang kesulitan meletakkan barang bawaan mereka di kabin atas.Anda yang duduk di kursi lorong menjadi pemisah antar tetangga baris dan lorong dan menjadi pintu bagi penumpang di kursi tengah serta dekat jendela. Berkat posisi ini, Anda terjebak di antara penumpang dan pramugari. Secara default, petugas dapat meminta bantuan Anda untuk melakukan penawaran mereka.Mereka mungkin perlu bantuan untuk menyerahkan barang ke tetangga Anda, membangunkannya dari tidur nyenyak atau mengusir dari pengasingan yang dibuat oleh headphone mereka. Mereka yang ingin sesedikit mungkin gangguan selama pengalaman mereka harus memesan kursi jendela saja.Nah bagaimana ketika pesawat sudah mendarat dan penumpang di sebelah Anda ingin berdiri serta keluar lebih dahulu? Anda tidak dapat mengontrol bagaimana penumpang lain keluar, tetapi dapat memilih untuk terburu-buru atau bersantai sendiri. Jika tetangga di barisan Anda meminta dengan baik agar Anda pindah untuk mereka, jangan ragu untuk memenuhi permintaan mereka.Baca juga: Kurangi Efek Turbulensi, Sebaiknya Pilih Kursi di Dekat SayapTetapi bila mereka memaksa Anda secara non-verbal dengan berdiri di atas kursi, jangan merasa bersalah, sebab penumpang itu seharusnya sudah memesan kursi di lorong jika mereka merasa sangat kuat tentang kapan harus turun pesawat. Nantinya ketika terjadi sesuatu pada pesawat, sebagai penghuni kursi lorong, Anda bertugas untuk tetap bersama dan tenang serta mengikuti instruksi staf penerbangan untuk perintah selanjutnya.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Like this:Like Loading… RelatedPerdebatan Duduk di Samping Jendela vs Samping Lorong, Mana yang Lebih Enak?25/10/2019In “Domestik”Jadi Baiknya Sebagai Penumpang Pesawat Duduk di Kursi Mana?13/11/2018In “Domestik”Kursi Dekat Jendela Pilihan Aman Terhindar Virus Flu17/12/2019In “Featured”last_img read more

Walker Building Relationships, LNG Customer Base In Asia

first_imgWatch the Governor’s video update below… Some state lawmakers have expressed skepticism about Walker’s trip to Asia, saying that the conversations are a positive sign, but don’t necessary point to anything concrete to build Alaska’s LNG hopes on. Alaska is still years away from building a pipeline and the future costs and method of financing are yet to be determined. Walker justified the presence of other members of Alaska’s government, saying it was important that AGDC President Keith Meyer and DNR Commissioner Andy Mack share their experience with Asian leaders.center_img FacebookTwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享Governor Bill Walker has shared an online message, saying his trip to Asia to speak at the CWC World LNG & Gas Series: Asia Pacific Summit is building relationships and securing future customers for an AK LNG Project.last_img read more

Sullivan | Dating site connects Big Blue fans

first_img“Creating this program was challenging, but it was a lot of fun,” said Brandon Crabtree, System Analyst for Sports Dating Inc. “We have developed a program that will let you search for people not only by their hair color or location but also by what we are calling ‘fandom.’”Who needs eHarmony’s 29 points of compatibility? To bring Kentucky fans together, all you really have to do is announce a Devin Booker autograph signing and pair off the people who show up.Granted, some guys might want to distance themselves from those women who have made a thing out of licking Booker’s car. Other guys, though, would surely see it as a turn-on or – at the least – as proof of an adventurous spirit and a commitment to the cause. Marriages have been built on flimsier foundations.Barry Levinson’s 1982 film “Diner,” depicts a couple whose wedding is contingent on the bride-to-be passing a football trivia test. And though that fiction might seem far-fetched, the fact is that some of Kentucky’s most sacred vows are made with basketball as the backdrop.Dating website for UK fans launches ThursdayIn researching “Blue Yonder,” his 1998 book on UK fandom, author Lonnie Wheeler encountered John and Kathy Matthews, whose wedding evolved from a pact made at Big Blue Madness preceding the 1995-96 season. The couple agreed to get married if the Wildcats went on to win the NCAA Championship, chose Sept. 6 (9-6) as a wedding date to commemorate that victory and cut a cake that resembled Rupp Arena.In searching for soulmates, the bottom line is pretty basic: Whatever Works. When my wife and I were dating, I told her to expect a proposal on a major religious holiday. Her mistake was in assuming I meant Christmas and not Babe Ruth’s birthday.Credit with recognizing a national trend and adapting it to a narrower market. Though the concept is not new – the NFL Network’s Rich Eisen has created a dating app called Free Agent to help sports fans create love connections – those who have succeeded in tapping into the zealous Zeitgeist of Big Blue Nation tend to be enriched for their trouble.Calipari shoots down latest NBA report“We did some research, looking at Facebook ads,” BBNmeetup founder Shane Munson said Wednesday evening. “Looking at single people between 18-55 that are Kentucky fans, we got 1.2 million in the United States. The people are there.”When the web site launches Thursday, prospective match-seekers will be asked to fill out profiles and rank their UK fanaticism from one to five stars.“You may want someone who’s really a fanatic, a No. 5,” Munson said. “Or you may want someone to match you, or balance you out a little.”If you can find a balanced Kentucky fan, that’s a keeper. Tim Sullivan can be reached at (502) 582-4650, or @TimSullivan714. Calipari pupils cashing fat NBA contracts Kentucky fans can seek out their soulmates at a new website starting Thursday.Kentucky fans can seek out their soulmates at a new website starting Thursday.To be a Kentucky fan is to know the course of blue love never did run smooth.Just when the moment is right, when the stars are properly aligned, the music is suitably soft and romance fills the room, Cupid takes careful aim and gets called for a shot-clock violation.And as fast as you can say Christian Laettner – that is, if those words could ever escape your lips – the mood turns from flirtatious to funereal.Problem solved. When launches Thursday, Wildcat fans will have access to a free dating site sure to be stocked with sympathetic shoulders; with the sort of singles who know when you need your space, when you need to vent and when a big-game buzzer-beater might beget a late-night booty call.This is an idea whose time is long overdue and a target audience already within point-blank range. No fan base is more attentive, more faithful, more passionate or more obsessive than Big Blue Nation. Finding appropriate matches for its members ought to be at least as easy as Louisville’s non-conference schedule.Sign up to get more like this free in your inboxlast_img read more

Man. United crash out after Sevilla’s Ben Yedder strikes twice

first_imgMANCHESTER, England (Reuters) – Manchester United suffered a shock exit in the Champions League last 16 with a 2-1 loss to Sevilla after substitute Wissam Ben Yedder struck twice at Old Trafford on Tuesday.The Spaniards moved into the quarter-finals of the competition for the first time after Ben Yedder scored with a sharp turn and sweet shot past David De Gea in the 74th minute.Four minutes later Ben Yedder doubled Sevilla’s advantage with a header at the back post which the crossed the line after hitting the underside of the bar despite De Gea’s efforts.Romelu Lukaku pulled one back for Jose Mourinho’s side in the 84th but there was to be no comeback for United, who drew 0-0 in the first leg, and the visitors could have added more.Sevilla have never reached the Champions League quarter-finals but did make the European Cup quarter-finals in 1958.last_img read more