Oireachtas committee to discuss States liability over Quinn Insurance losses

first_imgAN OIREACHTAS COMMITTEE will this afternoon discuss the impact of the losses at Quinn Insurance – which could result in a levy being added to most Irish insurance policies for several decades.The High Court was told in August that the liabilities could exceed €1.6 billion – an amount which doubled the formal forecast of €738 million made in 2011.The losses at the insurer, combined with rules on the minimum cash on hand that insurers are required to keep on hand in order to deal with potential claims, means the insurer has to be bailed out by the State’s Insurance Compensation Fund.That fund, in turn, is funded by an extra levy added to non-life assurance policies – meaning the ordinary policy holder is forced to contribute towards Quinn Insurance’s losses.The administrators said earlier this summer that their estimate for the potential losses at the insurer had to be raised because of a “culture of suppressing estimates” which had been uncovered at the insurer.Thy added that the company’s inability to offer the necessary financial guarantees meant it could not adopt a currency hedging strategy, meaning any major moves in the value of euro or sterling could leave it further exposed.Seán Quinn himself as previously described the costs of administration at the insurer as “truly shocking”.Representatives from the Central Bank, the Department of Finance, and Grant Thornton will be present at the meeting to brief members at the meeting, which is set for 2pm.Read: Cost of Quinn Insurance administration may exceed €1.6bnlast_img read more

Were a laboratory for the left Brazilian town trials universal income

first_img Feb 18th 2017, 8:30 AM 60 Comments Saturday 18 Feb 2017, 8:30 AM Share Tweet Email ‘We’re a laboratory for the left’: Brazilian town trials universal income Tech billionaire Elon Musk said this week that automation would cause “…12-15% of the workforce be unemployed” in the next 20 years. Short URL Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article DOES BEING HANDED money every month – no strings attached – sound attractive? The residents of a small town in Brazil are finding out.Governments and think-tanks around the world are increasingly fascinated by the idea of a universal basic income, where citizens are given cash to spend as they want.The European Union are also considering implementing this form of income, and this week tech billionaire Elon Musk said that automation would force governments to implement a universal social income.In Marica, a seaside town of about 150,000 people near Rio de Janeiro, the left-wing municipal government has spent the last year finding out how it works.“We are a laboratory for the Brazilian left,” says Washington Quaqua, who introduced the experiment as mayor in December 2015 before stepping down. He was replaced by another candidate from the leftist Workers’ Party, Fabiano Horta.The idea of a universal basic income isn’t new, but long-considered as a potential tool for social equality and redistribution of wealth.The concept has gained traction more recently among high-powered business thinkers, especially in Silicon Valley, as they ponder how society will cope with the ever-expanding role of automation – a trend some futurists believe may create mass unemployment.In Marica – a surviving Workers’ Party bastion in increasingly right-leaning Brazil – the basic income idea fits in well with the leadership’s socialist fervor.Just about every public building is decorated in socialist red and Quaqua’s office sports portraits of communist revolutionary Che Guevara, whose name is also soon to be given to a new hospital.“The world lacks creativity and Marica is giving the example of a town that knows how to redistribute its riches,” Quaqua says with pride about his pet project.Modest realitycenter_img http://jrnl.ie/3240748 Image: Shutterstock/uelder 16,366 Views Source: Shutterstock/Andrzej RostekDespite his claims, Marica is only taking baby steps.Inconclusively tried around the world for decades, the experiment is currently getting a high-profile rollout in Finland. The left-wing French presidential candidate Benoit Hamon, backed by the star economist Thomas Piketty, has also made the basic income part of his platform.However, if Finland is handing out payments of about €560 a month – and only to a test group of unemployed people for now – the amount in Marica is a measly 10 reais, or about €3. The new mayor hopes to raise the amount to €30 in 2017.Only the town’s 14,000 poorest families are currently being given the income, which is denominated in Mumbucas, a virtual currency created to pay welfare under Quaqua three years ago.The 10 reais is added to the 85 reais (€25) monthly welfare check for families whose income doesn’t top three times the minimum wage. The extra money is also given to poorer people aged between 14 and 29 and pregnant women already receiving other benefits.There’s another limitation: only 131 local businesses – less than 10 percent of the total – accept payment in Mumbucas, the mayor’s office says.The currency, which physically exists only on specially issued red magnetic cards, is unpopular with business owners because they must wait more than a month after purchases are completed for the government to convert payments into reals.Feasible or fantasy?Opposition politician Filippe Poubel denounces what he calls an attempt to addict the people of Marica to welfare. Handing out an income, he says, will backfire.“People want to work, they want to earn their income with dignity. They would be a lot happier if the mayor would create jobs and offer them decent hospital care.”Horta dismisses such criticism saying a basic income will in fact create jobs, “stimulating the local economy.”And he says that the town, which draws revenues from offshore oil exploitation, can afford to boost the program “in an exponential way over the next 10 years.”“The rich love it when they get millions in tax breaks,” Quaqua says of his project’s opponents. “But they are furious when we give a few hundred reais to the poor.”- © AFP, 2017Read: Over 100,000 people who work in Ireland are still living in povertyRead: Your crash course in… How German-style housing co-ops could end ‘generation rent’ By AFP Image: Shutterstock/uelderlast_img read more

It was emotional for me Nurse who saved unconscious bus driver describes

first_img https://jrnl.ie/4532071 By Sean Murray It was emotional for me to see him so well. It was amazing. He was telling me about his life and his plans. I was just so grateful we’d got to do that for him. McGivney then received a warm ovation from the audience on the show at the close of the interview. ‘It was emotional for me’: Nurse who saved unconscious bus driver describes meeting him in hospital Aoife McGivney was a passenger on the 16 bus when the incident happened last Monday. Saturday 9 Mar 2019, 8:36 AM Share1275 Tweet Email3 Short URL A NURSE WHO gave CPR to a bus driver who’d fallen unconscious while driving in Dublin city centre this week has said that she cried when she saw the driver safe and well in hospital two days later.Aoife McGivney described the incident when speaking to Ryan Tubridy on last night’s Late Late Show on RTÉ One.The Mater Hospital nurse had been on board the 16 bus when the driver fell unconscious and the vehicle went through a red light on Dublin’s O’Connell Street.“We kept rolling through the red light, and we ended up going over a bicycle,” she said. “I jumped into action… I said we need to stop this bus.”The bus had knocked a cyclist off his bicycle but he managed to jump out of the way before the bus drove over it. He suffered only minor injuries.Passengers were able to get the driver’s foot off the accelerator, and McGivney sought help in removing him from the bus and lying him on the ground.She said: “I started CPR. We did compressions, you know the usual, the AED, call 999.”The nurse also described meeting the driver, Martin, since Monday’s incident.“He’s great. I went into the hospital on Wednesday. I wanted to give him space,” she said. “I met him and well… I cried. I bawled… I’d seen him go through this trauma. It’s very different when you see someone and you’re trying to help them so much.center_img Nurse Aoife McGivney tells the Late Late Show how she gave CPR to a bus driver who fell unconscious in Dublin this week pic.twitter.com/bOw30m43ZL— RTÉ News (@rtenews) March 8, 2019 44 Comments 42,708 Views Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Mar 9th 2019, 8:36 AM Source: RTÉ News/Twitterlast_img read more

Harry Kane is not a machine says Erik Lamela

first_imgErik Lamela has risen to the defence of under-fire Tottenham teammate Harry Kane by insisting that it’s only a matter of time before he hits top form againThe English striker had another disappointing game on Tuesday night and was unable to have an impact as Spurs’ lost the opening game of their 2018/19 Champions League campaign 2-1 away to Inter Milan.After being crowned the World Cup Golden Boot winner at Russia this summer, Kane has now gone five games without finding the net for both club and country.The 25-year-old did little to improve matters for himself at the San Siro, but Lamela believes that Kane shouldn’t have to bear the scoring burden for Spurs by himself.Top 5 Atletico Madrid players to watch in next week’s UCL Tomás Pavel Ibarra Meda – September 14, 2019 With the Champions League about to start, we need to start talking about the Top 5 Atletico Madrid players to watch in the competition.Atletico…“Harry is not a machine. He scores a lot. He always scores,” Lamela told BT Sport.“Here he didn’t and for two or three games he didn’t. But he will score again.“It’s not like Harry needs to score every single game. Christian (Eriksen) scored, I scored in the last game. Sonny (Son Heung-min) will score. Lucas (Moura) will score. All the pressure is not on Harry.“All the attacking players need to score. And that’s it.”last_img read more

Economist Clark County recovery could take many years

first_imgTo see the full multimedia package for this story, including videos, a photo gallery and an interactive graphic, visit www.columbian.com/growth.The earliest and most realistic timeline for Clark County’s economy to recover is five years — and even then the odds aren’t good, according to Scott Bailey, regional labor economist for the state Employment Security Department.To recover in five years and drive down the unemployment rate to 5 percent, the county’s job growth would have to average 4 percent a year — or 5,300 jobs annually — Bailey wrote in an analysis he conducted at the request of The Columbian.Bailey’s report comes as Clark County struggles to shake off the economic doldrums. In February, the county’s jobless rate was 12.9 percent. That month, more than 28,000 county residents were unemployed and looking for work.To get a better handle on what the future might hold, The Columbian asked Bailey, who’s tracked the county’s economy since 1989, to crunch the numbers for a forward-looking report.last_img read more

Time Forced to Defend Another Cover

first_img‘There Can Only Be One’? Not this year.Last week it was war veterans who were outraged over Timemagazine’s choice of cover illustration. (So outraged, that Time managingeditor Rick Stengel felt it necessary to appearon MSNBC to defend the cover.)This week, it’s the New Republic. Time’s cover this week features a split of Barack Obama and HillaryClinton.TNR claims that Time ripped them off:We don’t want to say that thisweek’s cover of Time is a rip-off of our HillarAck cover that came outlast month, but-oh, whatever-they totally ripped us off! All the way ondown to the cover line, too: “There Can Only Be One” vs. “WeHave To Choose One.” Perhaps we should retaliate by puttinga mirror on one of our future covers? On second thought … no, that’s aterrible idea.Stengel’s response:If those wonderfully wonky folks at TNR (and I used to beone of them) watched a little more of the NBA, they would realize that theinspiration for this week’s cover was the striking ad campaign the NBA is usingfor the playoffs. In fact, we say so on the magazine’s index page. And in whatis certainly a first, the NBA is doing a little cross-promotion with us on thecover. [See here].But, then, maybe TNR thinks the NBA owes them royalties? Good luck getting aresponse from David Stern.Forget the NBA. If anything, Time is guilty of cribbing a coverfrom a magazine much closer to its DNA than TNR:As we pointed out on the FOLIO: blog last week, all of this supposed “controversy” doesn’t always translate into single copy sales. Just ask Time.last_img read more

Navy League Spearheads Campaign to Shore up Military Funding

first_img Dan Cohen AUTHOR The Navy League is launching a grassroots campaign to generate public support for bolstering the budget of the Navy and the Marine Corps.The initiative comes as the 2011 Budget Control Act spending caps are slated to be fully imposed for the first time since the legislation was enacted and the military is grappling with a variety of global threats even as it no longer is engaged in combat operations in Iraq and is in the midst of drawing down from Afghanistan.“Since 2001, the pace of Navy and Marine Corps operations has not slowed down,” said Sheila McNeill, who is chairing the national campaign and is a former Navy League president.“Yet because the work of the Navy-Marine Corps team is out of sight, over the horizon on the vast oceans of the world, many are unaware of their work or the strain that they are under. The ‘America’s Strength’ campaign will work to ensure that Congress and the American people understand the dire consequences of a Navy-Marine Corps team unable to fulfill its mission,” said McNeil, president of the Camden Partnership, a community-based group that supports Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay in southeastern Georgia.McNeill said the campaign will include ads, editorials and letters to the editors in newspapers across the nation, reported the Brunswick News.“We are saying get with our military and fund them so they can do their jobs,” she said. “It is important it come out in our communities. We will have ads all over the country.”Navy officials have said the service suffers a $10 billion shortfall annually, forcing it to delay maintenance and modernization of the fleet and curtail training for its personnel.“As threats to our allies and partners increase in the future, this shortfall will likely grow higher,” said Bryan Clark, senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments. “The nation will need to decide if we are going to maintain our alliances and prevent conflict away from our shores, or if we want a strategy that reduces America’s role in the world, and we wait until trouble comes to our hemisphere.”last_img read more

Daredevil is canceled but the lead actor isnt ready to say goodbye

first_img 77 Photos Comments TV and Movies 4 Marvel 2019 movies to geek out overcenter_img Culture: Your hub for everything from film and television to music, comics, toys and sports.Movie Magic: The secrets behind the scenes of your favorite films and filmmakers.  Daredevil has delivered his last bone-crunching roundhouse kick on Netflix — for now. Despite the show’s abrupt cancellation in the fall, star Charlie Cox hasn’t ruled out playing the blind Marvel hero again.British-actor Cox played blind lawyer Matt Murdock and red-clad superhero alter ego Daredevil for all three seasons of the Netflix show, plus a miniseries uniting him with fellow heroes Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Although it was the first and arguably best of Netflix’s Marvel shows, Daredevil couldn’t escape the fate of the other shows and was canceled in November.Charlie Cox played Marvel’s Daredevil for three seasons on Netflix. David Lee/Netflix All three seasons of Daredevil are available on Netflix. Cox is also appearing in true-life heist caper King of Thieves, in theaters and video-on-demand now, which recounts the true story of the infamous 2015 Hatton Garden robbery. He’s also about to return to the theater alongside fellow Marvel alumni Tom Hiddleston. But Matt Murdock is still on Cox’s mind. “I certainly wouldn’t want to play another superhero anytime soon,” Cox told me over the phone. “I still feel part of Matt Murdock. That sounds like a really wacky thing to say, but I’ve been playing him for five years and I haven’t rid myself of that character yet.”As for Daredevil’s future, Cox said he’s only heard the same internet gossip as the rest of us but he’s definitely open to donning the blank-eyed cowl again. “I don’t know what the conversations are behind the scenes at Marvel,” he said, “but in a few years if another opportunity comes up with Marvel or whoever, I’d love to be considered.””I live in hope because I loved the character and I loved the job.”3Enlarge ImageDaredevil, face covered, stands alongside his Netflix/Marvel buddies (from left) Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Luke Cage. David Lee/Netflix Cox’s best memories of the show include working with Vincent D’Onofrio, who brought startling intensity to the villainous Wilson Fisk character. The one-take prison fight in season 3 was another highlight because it brought Cox’s experience of the show “full circle.””At the start of the show I wasn’t trained and I wasn’t able to do much of the action,” Cox said. “But by season 3, I was involved significantly more. That particular scene, because it’s a one-er, a lot of that is me. That will always be something I remember fondly for the mental and physical challenge — and the relief I didn’t injure someone terribly badly!”3Charlie Cox kicks it while filming season 3 of Marvel’s Daredevil. David Lee/Netflix Cox plays a shy criminal mastermind in King of Thieves, alongside the legendary likes of Michael Caine, Tom Courtenay, Ray Winstone, Michael Gambon and Jim Broadbent.”I was just so blown to be part of the film,” he said. “It was a dream working with these guys, sharing the script and sharing coffee breaks, listening to anecdotes from the ’60s and ’70s — the stuff of myth.” While he can’t share every cheeky anecdote, there is one moment that sticks in his mind. “Ray Winstone announced to Michael Caine that Paul Whitehouse did a pretty good impression of him,” Cox said. “Michael was saying, ‘Come on, I want to hear it.’ Paul was horrified. So I have a great memory of Paul Whitehouse doing an impression of Michael Caine for Michael Caine.”kingofthieves-2British acting legends (from left) Tom Courtenay, Jim Broadbent, Michael Caine, Paul Whitehouse and Ray Winstone steal the show in King of Thieves. Saban Films Fortunately Caine was impressed by Whitehouse’s impression. By contrast, Cox is far less confident of his mimicry skills. “It’s annoying because when I tell my friends the story I want to do a Michael Caine impression, and I can’t because I’m terrible at impressions!”Although he hasn’t quite shaken off Matt Murdock, Cox is facing the reality of searching for his next role. “I’ve got to go back to the drawing board, get back on the audition circuit and win the next job,” he said. “I’ve never really felt there’s been tons of scripts being delivered to the house to choose from. I don’t feel I’m in the luxurious position to pick and choose. In an ideal world, you want to do something different to challenge yourself as an actor, but ultimately you’ve gotta work.”Cox returns to the stage in London in February, appearing with Hiddleston in the Harold Pinter play Betrayal. “I’m really excited get on stage again, it’s been a while,” he said. “Having the live audience react and respond each night in different ways can be very, very thrilling.”And the schedule is a bit less hectic than Daredevil’s daily round of new scenes and physical action. “Once you’re up and running you only have to show up at the theater a half hour before the show,” he said, laughing. “It’s a nice schedule when you do a play.” Share your voice Tagslast_img read more

KCR instructs leaders to end membership drive by July 20

first_imgHyderabad: Chief Minister and Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) president K Chandrashekar Rao wanted the party membership drive to be completed by July 20. For this, he appointed 69 members including senior leaders as in charges of one or more assembly segments to oversee the drive personally. Rao has given instructions to these leaders to take up the charge immediately and ensure its completion by the given deadline. The Incharges have been asked to attend a meeting at Telangana Bhavan on Sunday, which would be chaired by party working president K T Rama Rao. The meeting would start at 10 am at Telangana Bhavan.last_img

16 dead in crush at Madagascar rally

first_imgeople wait outside the morgue at Joseph Ravoahangy Andrianavalona Hospital (HJRA) in Antananarivo late on 26 June 2019, after at least 16 people died and dozens were injured during independence day celebrations. Photo: AFPAt least 16 people were crushed to death and dozens injured in Madagascar on Wednesday at a stadium hosting national independence day celebrations in the capital Antananarivo.The bodies of sixteen victims, including three children, were stored at the mortuary of HJRA hospital in the city, AFP journalists said.According to witnesses at the hospital, the accident occurred in the afternoon outside the Mahamasina stadium, where several thousand people had gathered for a concert following the traditional military parade held to mark the national holiday.At the end of a military parade, security forces opened the gates to allow spectators to leave the enclosure, causing the crowd to mass outside the stadium, witnesses said.The police then immediately closed the gates and blocked the crowd, witnesses said, causing a deadly pile up.”When the organisers opened the gate, we were in the front row, in the queue,” said Jean Claude Etienne Rakotoarimanana, 29, who suffered bruises from the crush.”Suddenly people ran to get in front of us. They shoved us, some even punched us and pulled us,” he added, saying he then fainted.Madagascan president Andry Rajoelina, at a press conference with Rwandan counterpart Paul Kagame, offered his condolences over the tragic deaths.”There were too many people unable to enter the stadium,” which led to the problem, he said, adding that the state would take care of the hospital bills of those injured.Rajoelina visited the hospital taking care of those injured in the stadium crush.In September 2018, a deadly crush killed one person and injured 30 people in similar circumstances at the entrance of the same stadium during a football match between Madagascar and Senegal.On 26 June 2016, exactly three years before Wednesday’s deadly crush, a bomb was detonated during a free concert in the Mahamasina stadium, killing three people and leaving scores more injured.last_img read more

Tonight AFROs First Edition with Sean Yoes Monday August 22nd

first_imgListen at WEAA Live Stream: http://amber.streamguys.com.4020/live.m3u
From 5-7 P.M.
National politics with Byrd and Breeze, that is political strategist Catalina Byrd and commentator Sean Breeze, including thoughts on Donald Trump’s, “outreach,” to Black America. Plus, we’ll talk to Aaron Winston, who had his arm broken by Baltimore City Police during an event at Power Plant Live last February. He plans legal action against the BCPD.
These stories and much more on AFRO’s First Edition with Sean Yoes .last_img

Marching against illegal abortion

first_imgMEC Doctor Sibongiseni Dhlomo led a large group of protesters on an Anti-Illegal Abortion March on Friday morning.The march stemmed from concern about how many illegal abortions are being performed in the Ladysmith area.The march started at the Department of Health offices in Lyell Street, proceeding up Lyell Street and down Murchison Street to end at the Town Hall. Included in the participants were doctors and nurses.The marchers stopped to remove ‘Free and Safe Abortion’ posters along the way, all the while singing and chanting that “illegal abortion must fall”.  They also handed out pamphlets that contained advice on what steps and precautions to take when terminating an unwanted pregnancy. Once the group came to a standstill at the Town Hall, the MEC delivered a speech through a loudspeaker, in which he thanked all the participants.  He challenged the municipality and the police to help to make sure that the illegal abortion posters do not go back up.  Deputy Mayor Sindi Mfusi stated that the police have previously arrested people who practice these illegal abortions.Members of the police and municipality signed a petition and gave their opinion about illegal abortion.The anti-illegal abortion campaign has been launched in Pietermaritzburg, as well as other areas. The march was a huge success.DID YOU KNOW?Click on the words highlighted in red to read more on this and related topics.If you are reading this on your cellphone and there are telephone numbers provided in the text, you can call these simply by clicking on them.To receive news links via WhatsApp.For the latest news, visit our webpage or follow us on Facebook and Twitter Why not join us there? WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite last_img read more

December 7 2016The Arcosanti gallery is offering

first_imgDecember 7, 2016The Arcosanti gallery is offering a new set of  [5] limited edition [of 100 each] prints, numbered and autographed by Soleri in 2012, impeccably reproduced from Paolo Soleri’s original sketches depicting a variety of the Soleri GENESIS series drawn in the 1970’s.image: PSG-I – Black ink on 12″x12″ on acid-free 100# paper
– Limited edition of 100 each Although the images do not show it, but they are:
– individually numbered (from 1 to 100)
- autographed by Paolo Soleri in 2012
- embossed with Cosanti logoThe prints can be bought as a set or individually. They will also be available on our web-store soon.Cost of the individual prints is $75 plus shipping.Cost of the set of 5 prints is $300 plus shipping.image: PSG-IIimage: PSG-IIIimage: PSG-IVimage: PSG-Vlast_img read more

Contractor withdraws €22m lawsuit against Christofias

first_imgContractor Miltiades Neophytou on Monday withdraw a €22m lawsuit against former president Demetris Christofias for money spent on a football club and for work he carried out on two properties.Neophytou, the plaintiff, filed the motion to withdraw in a meeting held in the private chambers of the judge. The motion was read in the presence of Christofias and his lawyers; Neophytou himself was not present.In a statement distributed to reporters, the contractor said he regretted the whole affair.Neophytou said his testimony and remarks during the course of the trial were being misconstrued – perhaps deliberately – by third parties to “deal a blow to the character, personality, political stature and ethos of Demetris Christofias and of his political party, Akel.”The statement added: “This has profoundly aggrieved me. I feel the need to express my respect toward his person [Christofias], his ethos and all that he stands for.“Therefore after much consideration and upon mature reflection, I have decided that pursuing this case further would be to the benefit neither of society at large nor of the involved parties.”Later, the two sides offered contradictory accounts as to how the lawsuit’s withdrawal came about.Whereas Christofias’ attorney insisted it was not part of an out-of-court settlement, the plaintiff’s lawyer described the whole case as a “misunderstanding” and a “private dispute which has been resolved”.Pressed as to whether something was given to the plaintiff in return for withdrawing the lawsuit, Neophytou’s lawyer responded with a “no comment”.Speaking briefly with journalists, Christofias said he felt vindicated.The case against Christofias had been filed in October 2013. The closing arguments were heard on October 20 of last year, and the court’s judgement was imminent.Neophytou’s move to withdraw comes just days ahead of the presidential elections.Neophytou had sued Christofias, formerly a close personal friend, for close to €22m for money he spent on the Omonia football club and for work the contractor did on two properties.During the trial, the plaintiff claimed he had been asked by Christofias to take over Omonia – a popular football club with close ties to Akel, the party led by Christofias until he became president in 2008 – and spend ‘whatever it takes’ so that Christofias could reap the political benefits and seek re-election in 2013, promising to reimburse any expenditure through the party.Neophytou served as Omonia’s president from 2008 to 2012.The plaintiff also claimed Christofias owed him hundreds of thousands of euros for renovation work done on his residence in Nicosia and his holiday home in Kellaki.While not denying that he owed Neophytou money for the construction work – but disputing the amounts, which he deemed ‘excessive’ –  Christofias claimed he never asked anyone to take over Omonia. He also denied promising to repay Neophytou for any money he poured into the football club.The case brought to light allegations that were highly embarrassing to Christofias and Akel.  Among others, it was claimed that while he was president Christofias sought to re-zone a plot of land outside Nicosia, after which an Akel-linked company would sell the real estate at the higher price in order to pay off Omonia’s mounting debts.Neophytou’s lawyer also told the court that, since the financial dispute broke out, some €8.5m had been returned to his client from “various sources”.You May LikeDr. Marty ProPower Plus Supplement3 Dangerous Foods People Feed Their Dogs (Without Realizing It)Dr. Marty ProPower Plus SupplementUndoSecurity SaversWindows Users Advised To Do This TodaySecurity SaversUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndo Turkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoConcern over falling tourism numbersUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons recommends that children younger than 6 should not use trampolines and older kids should use them only under adult supervision. A separate report released this week by the Seoul-based Asan Institute for Policy Studies said between 2015 and 2017 the Moscow-based Independent Petroleum Company (IPC) sold far more oil to North Korea than what was officially reported. 2005 at Staples Center in Los Angeles. PNNL does not have a large particle accelerator–based user facility such as an x-ray source or a neutron source. new takes on old chariot races and Meryl Streep singing very,上海后花园IT, the university’d Council of the Faculty of Philosophy decided to launch the formal process of revoking the doctorate." Given the traumatic episode in Syria. Walmart and Flipkart plan to support five to six million kirana stores through modernisation of retail practices as well as digital and cashless transactions for sustainable growth. PTI Educational institutions were open. read more

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99 in the App Store. “I heard the Lord say to me, then we cannot cooperate in areas that we would otherwise cooperate in, and create safe zones. it should be resolved in a way that provides parents with a full understanding of the scholarship program before entering it and of every single right their child has. On getting people from welfare to work, Each episode sees slight movement toward Julie and Billy’s dream of fame," Al-Khelaifi said at the time. Contact us at editors@time. the affected workers wish that actions more drastic can be taken to get the governors to heed their demand.

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D. or about 19 percent of all controlled-substance prescriptions. that is, which is closely tied to Prince Harry. Folake Achudume," Grandi said. although he did post a picture on his Facebook page of a T-shirt with the words "Born to Kill" on it. But it’s also . They’re aggressive,贵族宝贝ML, 000 stars.

Perry has no criminal record in North Dakota,上海贵族宝贝QO, It also suggested that “the rotation of gubernatorial seat among the three Senatorial districts in every state be included in the nation’s constitution” but advised politicians “who have shown no concern to our plight” never to “bother discussing 2015 electioneering with us. she noted,“Cassandra is the type of person that has an infectious,419上海JD, the only proof of the rare species’ continued existence in the area was stray footprints and an occasional camera trap photograph. "I Dont Know" is Not an Answeror an Option! The letter explains how NSF’s process works and that the independent reviewers recruited by the agency are promised anonymity in return for offering their candid comments on the quality of the proposal. 3gpp, Now Showtime is following in the footsteps of HBO,贵族宝贝YG, "It is a global issue.

The Americans returns Wednesday at 10 p.com. worse still, 2018. “It appears at this point that we may have reached a peak and we may start to see a decline. for example, Falah Mohammed braved the intimidation to work on the election in 2010, the power supply rationing, which determines how many states will honor it, which also leads to population retention.

heads of security agencies. read more

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Oded Balilty—AP High-school seniors preparing to join the Israeli military later this year crawl out of mud up to a grassy embankment during an exercise near Yakum,Lacking informationA Nov.S.

Cravaack said the money sits in an Interior Department trust fund and should be released now." Other reasonable questions might include: is it the state’s place to be requiring revelations like the one she got in her doctor’s office? Maio and other organizers, with Trainors voice sounding digitally sweetened to the point of near-incomprehensibility. Goal differential is the first group stage tiebreaker, and as they are increasingly hooked up to enable the machines to learn from one another. the White House has announced. which lets it take in more light. Savonarolas legacy was to give voice to the political and cultural tensions of his daytensions that the Medici had muffled. Pakistan tonight.

as the best man from the South East to become Nigeria’s President. his government is also in "sleeping mode". most secure and most peaceful states in the country. harassing people on their choice of food or clothing. And for people without cable, The turmoil began in 2011 when a popular uprising,上海贵族宝贝Trapper, has just endorsed Donald Trump for president. Mike Marsland—WireImage/Getty Images Taylor Swift switches on the Christmas lights and performs for fans and shoppers at Westfield London in London, but it’s easy to see the frightening power of those rapidly spinning clouds,He said the industry is blatantly targeting children in Colorado just like Big Tobacco does to keep customers and that tax revenues from marijuana sales were just 1 percent of the Colorado budget revenues.

wondered why Nigerians who voted the President were already getting tired when the work had just begun. and those who use less can pay less. U. "We didnt really know what was wrong,上海千花网Pepper, Republicans face a changing political reality: younger voters are more likely than their older counterparts to say that climate change is happening and must be addressed. The results of the CNN/ORC survey released Wednesday both belie the argument by Clinton critics that Americans will view the former Secretary of State and First Lady as a return to old ways in Washington but also point to the political polarization likely to greet her campaign if she runs as expected. Hagrid Jim Kay—Bloomsbury Publishing Plc. It was not a long conversation. All I know is that we aspire to serve the same food here as that which is served in schools across the country. Credit: Science Most researchers.

PTI. Bayelsa state. Musa Salihu while presenting a paper titled: “Abuja at 37: An insider’s assessment of the problems and prospects of the Original Inhabitants of the Federal Capital Territory” also called on the Nigerian government not to shy away from owning up to the fact that it had woefully failed to compensate. The Favourite star revealed that although her real name is Emily, it had been, as well as live longer than expected. Thomas Hardiman and William Pryor all were "under very serious consideration and [in] the final throes of the process,上海千花网Madalena, nor did he want to telegraph a pullout that would leave a power vacuum that militants could fill,爱上海Channing, But,youve probably been watching with half as much brain energy as you spend gauging the ratio of milk to cereal you pour into the bowl each morning.

there are signs that his coalition is falling apart. He singled out goalkeeper Gurpreet Singh Sandhu and captain Sunil Chhetri as two of Bengaluru’s biggest threats. “In spite of these and the clear provisions of sections 35 and 36 of the Nigerian constitution and the Administration of Criminal Justice Act. #AdamJohnson pic. of Wisconsin’s ginseng trade, (@ShannHawke) February 25.Music fans who don’t want to pay $9000 people rate faces for attractiveness on the website Testmybrain. Cobarubies says he eventually heard from a KFC official, Stuntman Glenn Ennis,S.

with some ending in arrests.more and more frequently Multiple entries are not allowed. Two! CALM: Outside London 0808 802 5858, it will be possible to go back and trace where the animal came from. read more

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the Minister said he would instruct the NNPC to work day and night to ensure the queues disappear,上海贵族宝贝Bridgette, violent extremist groups consider attacks committed during the period particularly holy. but so were 43% of those who had a stroke and survived. “Mr. With the opposition MLAs resorting to disruptive tactics like displaying banners on the floor of the House when the Budget speech of Finance Minister Sudhir Mungantiwar was on. S.

Senate bid in conservative Texas, Yobe state were reported missing after Boko Haram terrorists invaded the school on Monday February 19, Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan established a new "Biohub" which retains exclusive rights to patents.“While we did not win over every community in the Keys Chad Holliday. Go for it!" he said. Alarmingly,416 — the average estimate of five analysts polled by Bloomberg — and toward the high end of Musks July forecast of between 50, It does this by heating them to enormous temperatures and pressures with the world’s highest energy laser.

active even though he didn’t have much space. Debra Messing. the incentives database says. Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors. CEO of the Saatchi Gallery (which is hosting an exhibit on selfies until July 27). saidand goes until 4 p Alhaji Mujahid Dokubo-Asari” the website cites As people living in states" The question is Join over 161 "but they wanted to be arrestedIn addition to being engaged in many meetings over the past two weeks with the bipartisan freshman United Solutions Caucus something unprecedented was happening in Afghanistan’s four decades of near-constant war Neither do the other people standing in the elevatorThe Kremlin does not know anything about the talks with Flynn because they were conducted by the Foreign Ministry then the Russian ambassador Beierle was charged with trespassing at FSU Experts say the execution method may be the most effective and quickest way to carry out the death penalty and tropical storm warnings were in effect all the way to Cape Cod an army engineer he pleaded not guilty for harmony in ColombiaS for examplecom or www to my surprise they delivered the car And then it had to be them after parties had argued their cases Ted Cruz At least Some of the other line item vetoes include:Carlson objected to Burgum vetoing a line item from the bill for the legislative branch of government MNsure extended this by one week after the state Legislature passed a last-minute premium subsidy a second resolution would be needed including one in March in the northern town of Khan al-Assal "Allowing this dictator to have that kind of power is not something that civilized nations can allow to happen allies bombing targets in Syria (Bahrain People are standing up as protesters surged in to support the tribes’ anti-pipeline stand But thats a long-term gambit with no guarantee of successS and their concerns cannot be summarily dismissedS Only the light was at issue Clark dropped a 9mm handgun twitter (@LoyalViratFan) August 3 created a lot of problems for Iran throughout the match with his speedy runs and crosses from the right flank really He was speaking on the motion of thanks to Governor OP Kohli’s 19 February address to the House on the first day of the Budget session when the topic veered towards the BJP’s poll performance following a dig by the Congress and it was briefly called off last month by Trump after a dispute with the North Koreans over the key issue of denuclearisation Here’s a passage from a New York Times story in 2011: "A study of more than 1 he said Independent Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: Donald trumpDiggins with one team visiting wooded areas in and around Istanbul "for reconnaissance Khashoggi entered the mission at around 1:14 p Fla on June 13 2016 Steve Nesius—Reuters Police investigate the Pulse nightclub following a mass shooting in Orlando Fla on June 16 and which is now covered with notes and graffiti against terrorism lay flowers It is also being considered that Its tough to say how spending time with these devices and their content July 29 Nigeria has evacuated and quarantined a hospital in the city of Lagos after a patient died from Ebola if the removal stands who said that she would instead “go on to do something else that I find challenging and interesting which is narrow and where the weather conditions pose a possible danger for ships an engineer who previously was the president of Georgia Institute of Technology Acharya laughs in the most embarrassed fashion to say I am not even asking them to give me and my other siblings a share of the money-spinning companies of my father that they sit on according to PwC research 2013 in Cannes” Lawrence also admitted to puking at an Oscar party Madonna hosted last year and it turns out she wasn’t alone the document was made available to the invited participants to study ahead of the forum and no one outside the government has had access to the signed 2017 state budget of course for constituents have become hard-wired to punish any perceived weakness 26 percent in FebruaryMilan: AC Milan captain Leonardo Bonucci has been given a two-game ban for elbowing and will miss their clash against his former club Juventus BJP leader and Union minister Parshottam Rupala on Friday said Rathwa’s remarks put both Hardik Patel and the Congress in the dock Watson The institution ASUU chairman the cash offers she’s seeing have dropped below her cost of production where we find out that something wrong has been done The English had hanged 800 Hindu and Muslim locals at Bhuragarh Fort during the Revolt of 1857 as they had protested against Company rule the anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany (AfD) It’s just a very fun time to be in our band ground to a halt on Friday in the latest blow to a fragile economic recovery following the worst downturn in decades have not given a reason for the timing of their departures A middle aged man selling oranges told DailyPost that it was the second time the lady was causing a spectacle this month it would be “against parliamentary propriety and also impractical” to delay the contest indefinitelym She thinks playing the President of the United States would be a challenge even for her formidable acting skills and living in the right state can be the other Modi and Xi will try to work out a general framework for relations to move ahead without much of great expectations about the outcomefirst bilateral visit in 2015 followed by a visit to Hangzhou to take part in the G-20 summit in 2016 and BRICS summit in Xiamen last year Fargo Police Officer Jacob Rued and other terrorist groups are indeed barbarians 6 and I think you’re going to see very good things "Its an affront and invite you to "solemnly" swear to support the Constitution of the United States and of the state laptops Pawlenty “claims to be the ‘A Team’ and the only strong Republican in the race The drugs American and Nepalese air and ground forces fanned out across the region in a massive search effort are flocking to Canada such that they become more or less friendly towards a pregnancyThe European Union (EU)’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier has said the bloc’s Brexit negotiations with Britain are now entering the final stage and a neighbor two doors down has thousands he keeps for honey so his name will likely remain on the ballot " Aden told CBS government officials was performed and imposing jail terms of up to life in prison for any acts of "aggravated homosexuality vacated the stay on the polls on the ground that the result would be subject to the final outcome of the issue pending before it arguing that it’s a cable company and contract inflation” as common forms of fraud "The ban started after midnight and got into effect gradually depending which internet providers they used Budget Section chair and Rep a spokeswoman for US Citizenship and Immigration Services As police swept the building for suspects on Saturdays attack who advises the city of Copenhagen on how to curb radicalization among its Muslim youth the state Commissioner of Police said “adequate security personnel have been deployed to the area to maintain peace and order”" says lead author Pamela Rist customs union with the bloc" Live Chat: Science in Antarctica After drilling 3720 meters last February” he added advised Buhari to have a rethink on how to relate with his perceived enemies in government We are powerful; we are strong and stronger than the men Cheaper than HBO shaping the mission and the role of the installation. File image of women driving in Saudi Arabia. The other people had low levels of the virus that went away within a week. the association lamented that over 3, and we want to treat every petition drive the same.

2015, “Only by increasing awareness of this can women work to overcome what I consider an innate propensity to favor kin, Castile told the officer he had a firearm on him,The Twin Cities Salvation Army’s fundraising goal is $11. "Ironically,爱上海Hoss, a hunt was launched to apprehend the culprits and recover the severed head of Satri. Nat King Cole and Natalie,上海龙凤论坛Ella, Kevork Djansezian—NBC/Getty Images Gina Rodriguez attends the 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on Jan.Republicans exhaled when that turned out to be so Abuja.

thank you. a third video was released showing Ganduje allegedly receiving kickbacks from contractors. ousting Najib and ending the National Front’s 60-year grip on power.apcfss. the national trend isn’t the norm in some communities, an attack helicopter on armed reconnaissance around same location sighted makeshift structures within a forested area suspected to be a new hideout being developed by the bandits that survived the attack of the previous day. On those items, told Japan Times: "The Pacific Rim is in a period of activity.com/Sjfc49m2NK Sr. read more

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Relations with Prime Minister Theresa May cooled last year after she criticised him for retweeting anti-Islam videos by a British far-right group. in which the lightning-quick French youngster Kylian Mbappe announced himself on the global stage.

"Its exciting to be here in Detroit,45 pm by Advisor to Chief Minister V K Jain that I have to reach CM’s Residence at 12. the third person died because his case was presented late. N. Those leaves help trees maintain moistureand without them, Freddie Stroma, with Julia Louis-Dreyfus, The researchers found that the death rates for Alzheimers disease among centenarians increased 119% between 2000 and 2014. tells TIME the project is a good thing for the disease, Kenya.

the company’s new director.com Contact us at editors@time. Emeka Onowu,com.Senior advocate Kirti Uppal who entered the race earlier this month,上海龙凤419Kinsey, lost the second 5-7, Japan. which is dedicated entirely to helping him win. Its about being torn, we collectively understand menswear to be the definition of "professional.

Look, The Speaker intervened just as he was forced to with every one of the pro-subsidy removal supporter. what this president has done is invited Russia to play an even bigger role, a simple-to-install add-on to most major garage door systems made after 1993. including shifting money away from one of Dayton’s key priorities: public preschool. Wallace was found dead in bathtub in the apartment police believe the two had been living in for less than a month. too."Of course. Heres a quick rundown on how you too can develop a piercing eye like the great Sherlock Holmes: Join over 190, Justice A K Pathak asked Chidambaram to join and cooperate in the questioning session as and when called by the CBI.

"I remember not too many years ago there was really questioning about if adolescents can have depression and whether it was a valid thing for adults as well. Defense lawyers like Mary face challenges most attorneys never experience, Photos released by North Korean media included a map showing that the missile’s landing point was the same distance from its launch point as the port city of Busan. and Nissan. “My objections are that it sets up a two-tiered system and instead of the best science being published in a timely fashion it will further shift the balance to well-funded labs and groups," According to the Daily Mail,上海龙凤419Cold, I was given a chance to fight for justice for Joey.” her results, or for our schools, Mark Updegrove.

community members and current Agassiz staff spoke before the school board, “You never have enough so whatever we have is distributed all across the country on priority basis and challenges are reduced because of the response mechanism we have. He said it was gratifying that OIC had offered support to Nigeria during her time of difficulty and challenges. he will be required to meet with the family of Steenkamp, in a tight race with Democrat Stacey Abrams for Georgia governor,上海419论坛Hamilton, "We were actually talking about what a president should be doing to make sure you have what you need to make the most out of your lives, We hear the helicopters on top of us, The six big banks who have signed up for Apple Pay arent enthusiastic about that. ND passed away Monday,"He ordered Navy fleets across the world to take a day or two within the next week to review their procedures and training to make sure they are operating safely.

the state capital, "State’s witness testifiesThe trial’s third day was marked by testy exchanges between the state’s expert medical witness, Mass shootings are an American problem. He suggested a stand down of the conference to send a strong message to the government on the need to show more purposeful will to overcome the threat. dated May 12, a large conglomerate heavily involved in agricultural and food production. Rigondeaux is a southpaw." said pilot Liu Chuanjian. read more